Rap-Up TV: Lupe Fiasco Says CRS’ Future Uncertain, Maps Out Tour

In Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Lupe Fiasco, the hip-hop superstar speaks out about the uncertain future of CRS (Child Rebel Soldier), his super-group with Pharrell and Kanye West. “CRS is still tentatively unscheduled until me and Pharrell and Kanye can sit down and come up with a game plan and see if it’s something feasible within the near future or is it something that we should maybe think about putting the brakes to completely,” he tells Rap-Up TV.

While the trio’s future may be up in the air, his next projects are not. Lupe, who describes his current relationship with Atlantic Records as “stable,” outlines plans for a U.S. tour and an album with his punk band Japanese Cartoon, tentatively due this summer. He also has remixes in the works with hip-hop collective All City Chess Club.

As for the follow-up to 2006’s Food & Liquor, the Chicago MC is making sure all the pieces are in place before releasing it. “It’s almost there, halfway. I’m not gonna make the same mistake that I did with Lasers.”

Part 1: Lupe Fiasco Talks Lasers, “Words I Never Said” Video, and Trey Songz

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  1. BlondeShellMinaj

    i was listening to part one of the interview and it sounded like lupe didn’t even want to talk about Lasers is disapproval definitely showed but while talking about all black everything he was excited almost bursting with pride over the track


  2. DJ

    Seems depressed. Hopefully he can get of Atlantic and become indie or sign to GOOD MUSIC.

    Food & Liquor 2 coming soon!


  3. Yeah

    I can’t watch the video :(


  4. Yeah

    ok nvm it’s working now


  5. roro

    CRS’s got the 2 best rappers and the 2 best producers in hip hop….. they’re the future….


  6. Momo

    Gone head make yo cumbak love yhu ……!!


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  8. ByoungHyun

    Because every aspect of life has a theme song, every event, every mmneoevt, every cause .Music is one of the best ways to subliminally put different words into your mind i mean tell me how many song lyrics you can remember off the top of your head and then tell me how many quotes you remember from maybe an interview or something Music is more powerful and with hip-hop alone it effects millions of people predominantly children of the future


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