New Music: Frank Ocean – ‘Songs for Women’

Frank Ocean

California collective Odd Future might be making waves in the hip-hop world, but they’ve got a smooth-singing secret weapon. Frank Ocean, the gang’s resident R&B crooner, recently released his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, giving the world a taste of the group’s answer to Young Money’s Drake. On the standout cut “Songs for Women,” the singer-songwriter, who’s written for Brandy and Justin Bieber, sings about making music exclusively to nab the ladies. Get acquainted with the West Coast’s rising star.

Frank Ocean – “Songs for Women”

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  1. cheeser

    hes aight,… nuthin new tho.. where are the unique new artists that arent following trends..
    concept is cool and kinda new… but noone sings anymore


    :) Reply:

    @cheeser, channel ORANGE.


  2. Tawny

    He’s the future.


  3. Tony

    Best song on the album.


  4. My2Cents

    Novacane Is Also A GREAT Track.
    Brilliant FRESH New Artist.


  5. La'Wayne

    aka Lonny Breaux…He’s off the fuckin chain
    this aint his best tho


  6. DEEPERthanRAP

    R&B??? wtf?


  7. Lil' Nello

    Song is pretty good except for the couple parts where he sounds to much like Wiz!


  8. The Beast

    Yonkers was some scary sh*t. I like this though.


  9. hey

    Ciara tweeted about this guy! listen to novacane!


  10. jaa

    ‘strawberry swing’ is a devastating song.
    same goes for ‘there will be tear’

    i like the off center subject matter.


    The Beast Reply:

    @jaa, Those are two of the best on the album… wtf are you on?


    MAINConspiracy Reply:

    @The Beast, When i saw @jaa Comment iwas wonderin the same thinqq …


  11. Leon

    The world doesn’t need another Drake; the one we have is devoid of worth and significance.


  12. Douchebag Dude

    Nobody sings anymore. Even “love songs” arent real love songs. I’d rather these idiots copy Stevie Wonder or other classic artists than the current bs out now.


  13. AAA

    I love this song I heard it!!!!!!! So good


  14. Yes SIR

    Novocane is a helluva SONG!.. Frank Ocean is my near favorite artist!


  15. Bernie

    dam iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !


  16. HipHopDiva

    his ablum is really good. don’t sleep. check out “we all try” its a beautiful song :) here’s the link


  17. Ruth

    Nature feels is my favorite song of his!
    & cheeser people DO sing like adele, its not a trend its a talent, DUMB.


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