Dawn Richard Preps Solo Album for Fall

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard has toured the world and sold platinum records as part of Diddy-Dirty Money and Danity Kane, but she’s ready for her moment in the spotlight. The caged songbird is finally spreading her wings and going solo.

Following the release of her mixtape #ATellTaleHeart, Dawn is slated to release her debut solo album on Bad Boy/Interscope Records this fall. “I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been in two amazing groups, but I feel like I’ve never had the opportunity to show the world what I can do on my own,” says the 27-year-old singer-songwriter.

She gave fans a preview of what they can expect with her honest, soul-baring mixtape released on Valentine’s Day. “Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart is the soundtrack to my heart. It’s soulful, it’s raw, it’s real,” she explains.

Dawn is currently putting in work as one-third of Diddy-Dirty Money, with plans to hit the road on the “Coming Home” tour, kicking off April 13 in Minneapolis. In anticipation of the trek around the country, fans can catch Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna performing on “American Idol” this Thursday.

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  1. JLOve?

    i actually have been waiting for this, can’t wait to see her as a solo artist!


  2. desi

    i sooooo can’t wait!!
    I love her sooo much


  3. Dave

    YAY!! Finally! I know she been waiting for this moment for forever. I will say though, I honestly do not care for the #ATellTaleHeart mixtape, except for “Vibrate.” I do love some of her previous works though & her voice/vocals, writing, dancing.


  4. Wow

    I hope she finally gets some shine. Diddy, while helping her get to where she is, has been stifling her career. From the mishandling of Danity Kane to transforming her into some random black chick bopping in the background of Diddy – Dirty Money videos. I hope she works with people OUTSIDE of BadBoy. Reach out to Kanye West, Salaam Remi, etc. and make this record something people will talk about.


  5. chad

    #pow kill em Dawn


  6. Max_Ciara

    good luck dawn…and if anybody hatin on here go rape yo self cuz dawn has been killin that ish since day 1!! but same time she aint better than Ciara! lol


  7. All For It

    Dawn should be great as a solo artist she already has those fans from Danity Kane and people already know who she is so should be a huge stepping stone for her. I wish her the best


  8. key

    congrat girl, just one advice, run away from Diddy as soon u can, learn from the others who fail with him, he is gonna take as much he can from u then let u down. just look around him and see what happened with the others


  9. loving me

    Im so happy for her glad diddy kept her around so she can continue to build a audience and show her talent I hope she does very well. Even in Dk she was the one that got the crowd hyped and in Dirty Money even though diddy take the front Dawn still let u notice her in there performances.


  10. bijan

    this girl deserves fame more than anyone else right now. shes been working hard! cant wait to hear her voice on the radio.


  11. fuckyeahdawnrichard

    LETSSSSS GOOOOOOO!!!!! I agree 1000% she deserves it. HER TALENT IS SLEPT ON. dont believe me?


  12. La'Wayne Hicks

    I’ve NEVER been so EXCITED…man i cant wait..i LOVE DAWN :) #IMJUSTSAYING :) :)


  13. fuckyeahdawnrichard

    Yess YESSSS yessssssssssssssssssssss! lol Thank you Jesus


  14. Beacon

    Re: Dawn and all her fans

    Please accept my apology for dissin’ her for stayin’ round Diddy & company (I had used Aubrey O’Day & D. Woods’ split with the crew and subsequent solo ventures as counterpoints, saying Dawn would never get out of Diddy’s shadow). While I maintain my fandom for Aubrey & Woods, I can say I respect Dawn for finally going solo after all this time.

    Maybe I’ve been wrong about Diddy too…


  15. cammy

    Can’t wait for her solo album. I have always loved Dawns voice. She has the talent and drive and I believe she will have longevity in the music industry.


  16. meme

    Wow all positive comments. this a first. I can not freeeeeking wait


  17. Lisa

    Finally! Dawn’s vocals are superb and her mixtape is amazing too.


  18. Neickha



  19. sean yum

    still have the time to hate on Diddy even though without diddy Dawn will be a nobody. now she has couple of millions already probably one or two houses yet evil people like you still hating diddy, a business man that has to look at the balance on any investment and pay tax and if the business is not working why spend money on it???/ let it fade away…


  20. Basic

    I wish it was shannon releasing her debut but diddy always favourd her im not suprisd


  21. stacks.

    dawn’s very first album under her actual name “dawn angelique” has been out before danity kane and it’s good. not as solid as anything she’s been involved with these days but you can definitely see that even back then, she has what it takes and understands the business. so ready for her SECOND solo album release.


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