Rap-Up TV: Aubrey O’Day Dishes on Reality Show, Danity Kane Reunion

Aubrey O’Day’s world crashed when she was fired on-air by Diddy on MTV’s “Making the Band” in 2008. Now viewers will get to see the next chapter in the wild child’s life as she picks up the pieces and moves on in her new reality series “All About Aubrey,” premiering tonight at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

The ex-Danity Kane singer chatted with Rap-Up TV about the show and some of the candid moments you will see including recording her solo album, learning choreography, and performing, leading up to a showcase for the major labels. She also reaches out to former Bad Boy boss Diddy for the first time.

While she may have gone solo, the Playboy cover girl still has hopes for a Danity Kane reunion in the future. “Most of us all stay in touch and talk all the time,” she reveals. “I would love to bring it all back and get all the girls back together and have another little Danity Kane moment in life.”

Find out what Aubrey’s been up to in the studio in the next part of our interview, coming later this week.

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  1. jamesderryl

    U G H. a reunion would be the DEATH of me. I couldn’t handle it….


  2. LoesLove

    A Danity Kane reunion would send me to an early grave. They were the ultimate girl group.


  3. Dough

    Danity Kane >>>>>>> Diddy Dirty Money, DK’s first album was the ish.


  4. just my opinion

    everybody doing reality enough is enough but DK had two good platinum albums. But Dawn always had reached out they treated her bad hope they all can mature.


  5. I thought she was moving on?

    I read an article somewhere and Aubrey said she was over Danity Kane drama and was moving on with her new solo career. Why is she now saying they will get back together in the future? D Woods is acting and said no more Danity Kane, Shannon is in the studio working on a solo and so is Aundrea so..

    I’m confused. Love Aubrey, shes very likable but she says one thing and changes it often.


  6. Stop playing with DK fans emotions

    Some of us are still smarting over the break up and you do this! LOL, I dont like this keeping us hoping business.


  7. Jay

    Imma have to check out Aubrey’s show. That would be dope if DK reunited! THey were the best girl group out at the time.


  8. MissyD

    Why is this hoe still around? Last I heard she was on Shug Knights d*ck. Someone was dumb enough to give her a show? Wow


  9. Leo (MusicXclusives)

    We’re praying for a REUNION asap!!!


  10. HOW the HELL

    How the HELL is this girl getting her own show. I agree completely with Arsenio Hall on The Celebrity Apprentice. He said exactly what she is. Its always all about her…she can give it but cant take it.


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