Video: Willow Smith – ‘21st Century Girl’

Willow Smith

Willow Smith springs out of the desert sand in the video for “21st Century Girl,” the infectious second single off her upcoming Roc Nation debut. In the colorful clip, a gypsy played by actress Cicely Tyson raises the pint-sized popstress from the arid ground, soon joined by a gang of girlfriends who run with wolves and tug on chains to erect a city from the earth. To celebrate their urban creation, Willow and co. throw an impromptu dance party in the middle of the street.

“Willow’s colorful desert look was inspired by vintage Versace, borrowing shapes from Marie Antoinette with very current pops of color,” Brea Stinson, who styled the 10-year-old singer, tells “The overall video was inspired by everything—the movie Blade Runner to Japanese street culture. 21st century girls aren’t afraid to take risks and live their dreams, and we did our best to showcase that in the wardrobe.”

Zoom into the 21st century by watching the bouncy visuals.

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  1. B-rad

    It’s Cute!


  2. ohhhh!!

    is that Cicely Tyson????


  3. kendrick is ugly



  4. kendrick is ugly

    ahhhhhh love it!


  5. Nelz

    Cool video . . . I like it Aloooot


  6. J

    she looks like an avatar in that still.


  7. sagb

    pretty good!


  8. cari s.

    I wish this girl a succesful career… but this sounds like a Rihfund rihject with way better vocals. Once again Rihfund (formerly known as ‘Rihanna’) got upstaged. By a ten year old! Haha!


  9. Josh

    She has a good voice,she’s cute but that’s all. She’s nothing special at all. I’m not hating 10 year old girl but she’s doesn’t bring new on the table. I don’t like the song and video.

    Whip My Hair was so much better. I wish her all the best!


  10. listen

    Is she missing teeth on her top grill?


  11. TYLER

    i agree this is the REAL WORLD justin bieber got criticized so willow can to. This song is garbage and the video is ok. Lil Romeo sister cymphonique is 14 years old and she got better vocals and bettter songs she should be at the top. wish willow the best tho


    the Dramatikan Reply:

    @TYLER, lol PERSONALLY to you its garbage but to me its a good song not GREAT but its cute and catchy and appropriate for her age abd the video could’ve been TEN times better if they changed a few little things…now Cymphonique is pretty good NOW back when she was willows age they sounded the same…to me i think if she got with some REAL song writers and producers she’d be going somewhere bc for me all her songs have the same feel like Rockstar and Little Miss Swagger and All That have the same pattern in the chorus


  12. chris shorts

    for a 10 year old shes great wait till she older shes gonna have a mean ass voice and dance skills out of this world


  13. Yeah

    cute but nothing special


  14. I GO HAM

    Why is she tryin to be kesha ????


  15. Fan Ov A Fan

    nice (:

    i love it & the song is cool, keep it up willow


  16. Alejo

    so cute, but i dont think is gonna be her year so better go bak to school my dear.


    victoria Reply:

    @Alejo, weird cause she has already won an award for outstanding new artist this week and it was MANY great artists who was nominated for that award so i think she is gonna take over this year=) cause she is releasing her album this year too


  17. lmao

    its okay ..


  18. harper

    who is that baby in all of her videos?


  19. ed

    this video is dope


  20. Jay

    Real nice video! And that is a pretty catchy hook. The beginning is very captivating like a movie.


  21. Kevin

    The song’s okay. The video’s okay. This is just okay. It’s no “Whip My Hairz”


  22. Troyfuss

    I’d of thought Will would of kept his kids back a good 5 more years or so.
    9.. 9yrs old… Like really??


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