Review Roundup: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Lasers’


Following a very public battle with his record label, which culminated in a fan protest, Lupe Fiasco emerges to release his first album in over three years, Lasers. The Chicago rapper describes his third effort as “more of a popular record.” So did the critics beam praise on Lupe’s latest? Find out below.

USA Today: Fiasco’s knack for clever, insightful descriptions of everyday situations and social attitudes has also been his calling card. He’s at his best on tracks like the politically explosive “Words I Never Said” and the racial fantasy “All Black Everything,” in which his thinly-veiled anger fuels his pointed observations. 3 out of 4

Entertainment Weekly: Murky rock cut “State Run Radio” ridicules the repetitive nature of the airwaves, while the haunting “All Black Everything” creates a fantasy world where negative isms don’t even exist. But within the harsh truths lie love and joy—heard on the spacey Trey Songz-assisted “Out of My Head.” Simply put, Lasers beams. A-

Los Angeles Times: There’s plenty of anger on Lasers, Fiasco’s third album, but he is far too nuanced an artist to resort to preaching to the choir. It’s a moderate disappointment, then, that Lasers feels more like a compromise than a cohesive album. 2.5 out of 4

The Washington Post: For Lupe Fiasco, the technically gifted but preachy Chicago MC, this album is much more about the controversy and less about the music. That’s lucky for him, because Lasers is mealy-mouthed, disharmonious, and forgettable—the embodiment of corporate desire and artistic aspiration colliding messily.

Rolling Stone: Lupe’s beats run from Nineties buoyancy to driving rap rock, but his most exciting tracks are operatic brawlers that give his athletic, whiplash flow and rich imagination room to move. “All Black Everything” isn’t just utopian, it’s hilarious too, visualizing a world where MLK is still with us, Bill O’Reilly reads from the Koran, “Somalia’s a great place to relax in… [And] the Rat Pack was a cool group of black men.” 3.5 out of 5

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Out of My Head,” “The Show Goes On,” “All Black Everything,” “Never Forget You”

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  1. DJ

    At the end of the day Lupe is being judged based upon himself. Lets be honest Lupe’s considered worst is still better than most mainstream or things you hear on the radio. I can’t stand a lot of reviews because if they are judging someone else with lower standards they get a good review.


  2. Neickha

    Im getting Lasers TODAY!!!


  3. MONKEY!

    “Coming up” is my favourite


  4. feenixa

    loving it. HUGE Lupe fan, and I’m just happy he finally gets his album out. been waiting for 4 years!


  5. carl

    At the end of the day he still went number one on iTunes in 6hrs….


  6. DJ

    Just got it from iTunes
    Totally worth it!


  7. clips

    Huge lupe fan, but it does sound like a compromise on this album. This album has a lot of “mainstream” appeal compared to his other albums. It is a good and catchy album, however it’s not his best album from a lyrical standpoint but its still very well done. “Out of my head” is unexpectd from lupe but its one of my favourites on the album.


  8. Yeah

    in stores now!!!! :)


  9. Matt

    I agree with DJ, every song, every rythm has a purpose and not everyone sees that. It’s really sad me


  10. RedRocBoy

    Got that premium pack today totally worth it. Bout to go buy another copy from best buy support Lupe!! LASERS!!!


  11. Matt

    This album wasn’t meant to be super deep like the other one’s because he’s rapping for the younger generation



    Just bought Lasers and Food & Liquor for a 2nd time. Lasers is on repeat!


  13. chris shorts

    i honestly feel this cd is the best thing since mbdtf by kanye like both artist are giving us pure hiphop in just a rare form and their pushing the envelope to new hieights, all these commercial stars are nothing like the real musicians


  14. Kyle

    Bout to go to Target to buy it. Super excited because I hear it’s a really good album!!!


  15. unplugged

    i cant say im happy about his effort! we obviously judging Lupe based on the food and liqour album and the “cool” album….and as a fan, those were hot…but this effort with less songs and more comercial feel… not sure…


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