Ja Rule Headed to Prison in June

Ja Rule

Ja Rule only has a few months left of freedom. The New York rapper is set to report to prison in June stemming from charges from a 2007 gun case.

A judge has marked June 8 as the first day of his two-year jail term, reports the AP. The sentence comes after the 35-year-old MC pleaded guilty in December to attempted weapon possession after police pulled him over for speeding following a concert at NYC’s Beacon Theatre. Upon inspection of the vehicle, they discovered a loaded gun in the car’s rear door, leading to his arrest.

Prior to his bid, the “Put It on Me” hitmaker will spend time completing his upcoming album The Renaissance Project, as well as handling tax issues.

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  1. Badgirl

    those prison dudes bout to get that ass!!!


  2. listen

    ja, gucci, weezy, kim, foxy, remy, da brat, mystikal, jim jones’ boy, shyne, g dep…. this is such a poor reflection on us. they really don’t understand the influence they have. smh.


    jeremydante Reply:

    @listen, PREACH!!!


    GRRRR Reply:

    @listen, Agree


  3. Stay Up

    Rappers spent more time visiting prison than touring.


  4. it's murda

    venni veddi vicci, indeed.


  5. Hunter Rose

    Its so crazi how Rappers cant seem to stay out of trouble but be the 1st to preach otherwise Some of them How can u respect what they about when by da tyme u get a feel of em They disappear Ending results Jail or Dead cause chose Dumb A–es WATCH MY VIDEOS youtube/bubblezsmith


  6. jeremydante

    damn! he pleaded guilty & got two years?! that’s crazy- if that was the plea bargain, im wondering what the charge was? ’07 was after Murda, inc. was starting to die down. not good, that whole irv gotti group fell apart super fast.

    like, where is charlie baltimore, vita? even ashanti has fallen by the way side. sad.


  7. key

    whos nxt? tryna? eve? nikki? drake? eminem? luda? lol plzzzz show the example my ppl


  8. Beacon

    Welcome to New York City-where the Second Amendment does not apply…


  9. Harls

    Ja who? Please, didnt the world stop paying attention to this pint sized n—-a back in 05.


  10. Robert

    Now Do Everyone a Favor And Stay There!!!


  11. Harvey

    i hope he releases the album before he goes away!


  12. .


  13. mamacita

    what an idiot!!! haven’t heard about him in a while and this is what i hear!? Moron!!!!


  14. Schola

    Gun charge my azz, he going 2 jail on tax invasion, fucking lair, tryna 2 boost up his 4eva dropping numba’s…oh well, got plenty things 2 worried about dropping now…haha


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