Lil’ Kim Compliment Leaves Big Sean ‘Speechless’

Big Sean and Lil' Kim

Big Sean has made waves over the past few years, burning up the Internet with his mixtapes ahead of his Def Jam debut Finally Famous. But with co-signs from Kanye West and Travis Barker, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper has found a fan in Lil’ Kim, who revealed that she keeps him in rotation and considers him “hot.”

So how does Sean feel about having the Queen Bee’s blessing? “Word? Damn, she said that? Shit. That’s crazy. Nobody ever told me that,” an awestruck Sean told “She’s definitely a legend in my eyes. I came up on the Bad Boy era with Biggie and Ma$e and her. I would definitely love to work with her and she’s the shit, man. That’s crazy. I’m speechless, for real.”

In his free time, the 22-year-old MC enjoys listening to old school hip-hop from Biggie and the shiny suit era. “I’m really listening to a lot of older stuff too like Notorious B.I.G., that whole Bad Boy shit and ‘Pac,” he continued, getting lost in Kim’s compliment. “That’s so fucking dope, that Lil’ Kim shit. You’ve got to get me her contact so I can call her.”

Though a collaboration with Kimmy Blanco may be down the road, Sean is currently prepping the release of Finally Famous for May 3. He shot the TAJ-directed video for his first single “My Last” featuring Chris Brown in Los Angeles this week.

–Steven J. Horowitz

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  1. PreciouzB

    Kimmy Blanco is a LEGEND!! It’s an honor for her to love ur music!


    MemeBlanco Reply:

    @PreciouzB, Big Sean is definitely a good artist. I’m glad the Queen sees that


    Andrew Reply:

    @PreciouzB, tell that bitch to start acting like a Legend! smh


    MrSoulshock44 Reply:

    @Andrew, how is a legend supposed to act? let the wackest hoe in the game talk shit and say nothing? have several seats you dumbass!


  2. peris

    yes i love kim! we have the same taste in music. she love wiz khalifa too!


  3. AAA

    even thou she acted up, she dose have great view on big Sean, that’s my homie!


  4. tiffany

    i say it
    i repeat it
    i’ll repeat it again and again

    BIG SEAN IS THE REVELATION OF THE YEAR !! his verse are better than kenye’s verse and eminem’s verse

    can’t wait for “MY LAST” video


    DJ Reply:

    @tiffany, You failed when you said he was better than kanye or eminem. No way!


    WhatTheF Reply:

    @DJ, Ignore her. She likes Chris Brown. Of course she’d say stupid things.


    Tracie Reply:

    @tiffany, You had me till you said he’s better than Ye….no! lol…I like Sean too but no.


  5. MakeMeFartKThx

    Haha Going As Far As Kanye & EMINEM Yeah Ima Need U To Sit Down!!!!!


  6. fiona

    I agree with her, he’s damn hot.


  7. tiffany

    no, i was true

    big sean kill them aaaaaaall b(listen to shit got damn, and of course “my last” (this song kill every song of this ass eminem album “recovery”)

    every verses are epic


    lmao Reply:

    @tiffany, you dont know what you’re talking about, clearly. smh.


  8. Wandaliz

    @Tiffany.. For the most part I can say that no one agrees with what you said about Kanye and Eminem, those rappers are LEGENDS! They worked hard to get the recognition they have, and there raps are crazyy!!! Big Sean is really good I can agree with you on that. But you are off your meds to be saying that.. No way shape or form does he stand close to being better than Kanye and Eminem!!


  9. realreppinhiphop

    Young niccas got the sweet tooth for the kim.again got his sprung now he wants me to meet his family @Lilkim via Mu Dills


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