Rap-Up TV: Aubrey O’Day Explores Solo Career After Danity Kane

Aubrey O’Day may still be getting over being “fired” by Diddy on national television, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing a solo career. In Part 2 of our interview with the “All About Aubrey” star, she explores life after Danity Kane and reveals what we can expect from her solo debut. “You’re gonna see a lot of club, dance tracks. A lot of what Danity Kane would have put on a third album,” Aubrey told Rap-Up TV. “I actually went to a place beyond that, which I wasn’t even expecting to find, which is finding my own solo niche.”

One song she recorded is an emotional ballad called “Goodbye Heartbreak.” “That really was me letting go of my past and voicing what I have been feeling for a very long time and where I hope to go from that feeling,” she explained. “I hope that it can inspire anyone that’s had a lot of heartbreak in their past to let go of it and find a better place on their own.”

Aubrey, who is very involved with the writing process, has been in the studio with Young Money’s Shanell and the producers who worked on Danity Kane’s albums. At first she decided to go in an ’80s direction, but soon found herself gravitating toward a “’90s retro sound.” “I really want to push the standards and stay true to who I am as a person.”

Fans will get to see her reunite with fellow Danity Kane alum Aundrea to record a song. The making of their collaboration will be documented on an upcoming episode of her reality show.

Part 1: Aubrey O’Day Dishes on Reality Show, Danity Kane Reunion

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  1. ALLEN

    i wish her all the best in her solo career . in every group there is al ways one person that suceeds it’s between her and dawn


    Alana Reply:

    @ALLEN, I think Aubrey is the clear winner. Dawn doing nothing without Diddy: the songs she colloborated or wrote for other people were artists on Bad Boy (with the exception of Heidi Montag), her solo deal was shelved & instead she’s part of a practically silent girl duo in Dirty Money, which was supposed to be a whole new genre “train music” & ended up shelving many of the newer, edgier sounding tracks & just stayed with a familiar r&B-pop hybrid with electronic flourishes. It may be new to him but it’s been done for much more than a decade.


  2. ALLEN



  3. Lisa

    Love Aubrey and all the DK girls. They filled a void after DC3 disbanded. My favorites were always Aubrey, Dawn and Aundrea (she has some mad vocals). Wish her the best and if I had Oxygen I would be watching her show.


  4. angelbaby

    Nothing against Aubrey, but I would love to see a show about Aundrea pursing her solo career much more. That girl has some powerful, soulful pipes! I miss DK!


  5. Alana

    I dno’t have Oxygen either but they have the full episodes on Hulu.com. They also have extra scenes and stuff on the oXygen site.


  6. vladica07

    I know she will make it on her own and big time!


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