Trailer: 50 Cent Stars in ‘Things Fall Apart’

50 Cent

50 Cent plays cancer-stricken football player Deon Barnes in his new film Things Fall Apart, due out later this year. You may recall the startling photos of a super skinny 50, who lost 54 pounds to take on the role. The drama was directed by Mario Van Peebles and co-stars Ray Liotta and Lynn Whitfield.

“My motivation for the project was my best friend, Charles Pringle,” the rapper-turned-actor previously told “He lived across the street from me; he actually died of cancer.”

Get a sneak peek of Curtis Jackson tackling his most serious role yet in the “unofficial” trailer.

[HHNM via ThisIs50]

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  1. dery

    actually looks good


  2. xxx

    oh my god – he looks like a monkey!!!


  3. Mimi

    DEAR GOD! scary!


  4. blackguyfromNY

    i know i shouldn’t be laughing but why does the video seem like a spoof to me.


  5. the game RED .

    50 is a monkey ha ha ha !


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  7. @#@$%$

    damn this seems like a serious film,i am looking to wards seeing it.


  8. From Tokyo

    Why that screenshot, though, Rap-Up? lol

    I was wondering! I was about to say something about the quality of the trailer but I went back and read that it was “unofficial”. Seems an interesting story.


  9. Lisa

    It looks like a very touching story to me… Don’t know if I’ll go and see it, I usually get depressed after watching movies like this…


  10. Joe

    My boy Fif doing his thang, I’m seeing it, football and 50 okay, should keep my attention.


  11. ri

    Good job 50! it looks decent gotta hand it to the the man he a mogul. he doin his thing


  12. Bianca

    50 if fugly, but it does look like a good film.


  13. Jarvis

    50 cent really looks like a black cave man


  14. milzbenice

    anyways this is the first role fiff has done like outside his comfort zone of bad cop or gangster role looks like a great story line and he portraits a different person from the trailer really pervades the situation of his character cant wait to check it out..


  15. huh

    The last movie that he did, was never released. So you never know with 50.


  16. UP yours PAL!!!

    WTF, Hollywood, has a stick up their ass and everyone else who can’t give some respect for the fact 50 Cent is taking on a more serious role in his acting career. Instead of following the typical drug dealer stereo type.


    marij Reply:

    @UP yours PAL!!!, you always have to be yourself he’s born in the getto what do you want. he looks like a sissy in this movie give me the 50 whit the stag and a gun in his hand thats who he is if you want to give him respect let him know he has to be his self not someone els you know puf puf pass thats what he say


  17. boozer

    Hey we get so few black films lets give this one a chance. At least he is doing something other than a street flic!


  18. sugartarx



  19. marij

    what the hell is this where is the gangsta 50 is a movie my mother would watch but not me omg what the hell happen to him it’s lame


  20. Respect

    Respect it ain’t easy


  21. nmbr 1 d boy

    Gys plz gv da guy a chnc!


  22. get money gunz

    do yo thing get that money


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