Video: Diddy-Dirty Money and Skylar Grey Perform on ‘American Idol’


While his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez looked on, Diddy and his Dirty Money crew quietly stormed the stage on “American Idol” to perform a subdued version of their single “Coming Home” with singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, who joined them on piano. Puff, Dawn, and Kalenna were outfitted in black and white as images of the Bad Boy mogul throughout his life and career flashed on screens behind them. Celebrate their homecoming below.


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  1. xedos

    I think the director was told by Skeletol not to
    show no reaction shot of JLO why puffy perform.ITs not normal for you not to get a reaction shot of ppl who once had a relationship


  2. huh

    They are just back up singers!!!


  3. roro

    wtf stop letting those chicks take skylar’s chorus
    skylar’s 100000000 times better than them!


    Yes Reply:

    Skylar is on their track, it was made for them. It’s called a feature.


  4. ;D

    omg i like diddy he is great skylard grey
    she sings very well awww jlo she is so beatiful


  5. Mike

    @roro, well their the dirty money part of diddy dirty money…i cant wait for skylar’s album!


    Arthur Reply:

    thank you



    didnt dirty money just perform on this show last year? dang diddy is desperate for attention


  7. smantha evermore

    ALLL were GREAT! Skylar’s AMAZING hook, all the voices with their harmonies, and of course, Diddy!


  8. Bianca



  9. Bianca

    recognized that Kaleena actually has a nice voice though :D


  10. Rosewood

    The only person that should have been on that stage was Skylar. Why do Diddy try so hard? smh


  11. BoringCorin

    yeah i get it its the name of the tour but this is really one of the worst songs on the album if u listen to it people might get motivated by it but when i see the president of the illuminati i dont think of being lost at all. no diddy, if we sharin an apartment i dont think im comin home.


  12. dankingkemp

    Awesome,,, Nice Seeing a Single Rapper, 1 Solid Vocal,,, and a Strong Delivery with Melody..)dk


  13. AnKkA

    WHO on this earth told Flop Daddy that he could sing??? SMH!


  14. tiffany


    thank you lord
    thank you loooooooord


  15. Flow

    Great song the only hip hop rapper to break grounds and dare to sing. Diddy you’re the best just wish GRAMMY’s would stop looking the other way, its about time u get two more. Its been a long time coming.


  16. Flow

    Great song, great delivery he needs not try for attention the works and song as said it all. Dance while you get a motivational and inspiring songs/album. f u’re not inspired, well then…smh 4 u. Great job Diddy.


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