Video: Michael Jackson – ‘Hollywood Tonight’

Michael Jackson

A Michael Jackson super fan lives the L.A. dream in the video for “Hollywood Tonight,” a cut off his posthumous release Michael. The clip, which features performance footage of MJ shown on screens and billboards, focuses on an aspiring dancer who heads to the City of Angels where she struggles to survive by waiting tables and stripping. She eventually finds herself by channeling the King of Pop, leading a flash mob on Sunset Boulevard. Head to the Hollywood Hills in the new clip.

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  1. A.lex.iIi

    Mj your the best!


  2. PhillyBul

    I actually liked it… Didn’t think I would


  3. 250MG

    Cool video! MJ <3


  4. DJ

    Making money off of a dead man!? Okay?


  5. BK



  6. chris shorts

    this was bad , why did they fuck up the song like realy wtf its faster the beat is diffrent adn the video is to like duh in ur face like no cereative spark mj would have just gave u a video based off the lyrics that sim,ple….. i love this cd the dncing was ok but it just didnt work


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  8. key

    is that french girl who did the nike advertise 3years ago? go girl, im mj fan and i like what u did…………..congrat


  9. Rachel

    The beat’s straight Billie Jean, and MJ’s vocals sound autotuned as hell. Why would they do that?


  10. yurisan

    i think it´s a good video i really like it and it is a very good history
    michael jackson it´s the best, the best doing everything like singing,dancing,being a father and being a human
    we have to learn these good things from him.
    look with the heart because the eyes are blind


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