Jennifer Lopez Gets ‘Into’ Lil Wayne on Second Single

Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne

Jennifer Lopez hit the floor with Pitbull and now she’s got another rapper waiting in the wings. The sexy superstar has enlisted her current favorite MC Lil Wayne for her next single.

The “American Idol” judge revealed that the Young Money boss is featured on the follow-up to her smash “On the Floor.” “My next single I believe will be a song called ‘I’m Into You’ and it’s gonna feature Lil Wayne, so look out for that,” she told fans during a chat for Saturday Night Online.

She went on to share why Weezy took the place of Nas as her favorite rapper. “To me just the things he says and the way he says it is very unique, and I feel like he has a fresh new voice,” she said, previously telling Angie Martinez that she works out to his music. “He might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best.”

While her seventh studio album Love? is currently slated for April 19, J.Lo says it will likely be released in late May after two or three singles.

Also on the busy diva’s agenda are Spanish versions to her songs from Love? followed by another full-length Spanish album and a greatest hits package. In addition, she is contemplating a world tour for later this year.

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  1. math_

    man, she gets a hit single after YEARS floppin’ and still she’ll be pushing back the release date of her album?

    she should release it in late March or April, while On The Floor’s still fresh


    Kyle Reply:

    @math_, I agree, why the hell would she push it back AGAIN? She should re-think a late May release because HELLOOOO, that’s when Lady Gaga will release “Born This Way” and that will definitely overshadow J.Lo’s new album. She should just stick with April 19th.


    Karson Reply:

    @math_,U R so right. Yes, I can see why the release date has been changed from 03/29, especially when Britney’s “Femme Fatale” leaked to Internet. Now everybody who heard that tracks know that the album is fantastic and simply uncomparable. But why has she cancelled the 04/19 release? Kyle’s saying the truth. No matter what quality GaGa’s album’s gonna be, Jennifer would unfortunately loose this competition. That’s for sure. Love? should be released in late April or at least early May. Perfect time for the weaker album to come out in equal time distance between two HUGE releases.
    Look what Nicole Scherzinger has done. After several years of making something in her word extra great she releases mediocre album exclusivly to UK. Waiting too long is a verrry bad sign, Jennifer!


  2. Dough

    Im happy Hip-Hop Jlo is back. When her Ja and Ashanti use to work together, her music was coo.


  3. Nick

    Yes! I love Urban J.Lo ! I hope she puts out something like the Im Real or Ain’t it funny remixes. But it probably won’t be a hit smh because gays have taken over Pop radio and now all they is cheap Dance/Techno music. I hope this trend dies out soon..


    Marlon Reply:

    @Nick, there are some gays who like urbab hip hop as well homophobic asshole!!!


  4. Debbie

    The demo of this song sounds like it is going to smash hit for her and Lil Wayne.

    DeJam have given her a real hot song.


  5. LOVE?

    sounds like a good look baby!


  6. L.A. Baby

    A girl who can’t sing + A rapper who can’t rap = TRASH


    ckb Reply:

    @L.A. Baby, and you A guy with no life


  7. Dallas Champ

    Wayne jumping on Everyone single is old.


  8. davyd69

    how she can pushed back her new album again in late may april 19 is not good…….


  9. Jennifer

    ARGGGGGG! I hate that she pushed the album back again but I am happy that she is going to be doing another spanish CD. I want some more singles! I do think that with American Idol, she can wait closer to the finale because people will be watching. She is probably pushing it back because of whatever is going on with AI.


  10. bknyhustle

    weezy f f and the f is for feature… hahaaa its 2007/08 all over again. #C4 bitchyuherdme!


  11. Dabxdon

    Glad to see the Hottest chick in da game is back!!!


  12. maya

    push back? lmao she a clown, she better release that shit in April. Oh & her w| lil wayne? HOT MESS!


  13. Marlon

    Great Lil Wayne rocks!
    Can’t wait


  14. Onemil02

    If some of you people can use your brains you can figure out why she pushed back the album, it’s because of AI. She won’t be able to promote the album like she wants too and do American Idol at the sametime. AI ends around middle to late May. It makes sense.


  15. Jessica

    Finally someone with a brain lol

    She wouldn’t have time to promote the album while Idol is on.

    Jlo needs 2 hits before people will buy her shit again.
    She has been out of the game too long. She needs to build up her reputation again. She needs to get her urban fans back on board as well if she wants to come back strong.


    Onemil02 Reply:

    @Jessica, Exactly!!! People be so quick to say she flopping and all that crap. Being on AI she won’t be able to promote the album like she wants to. And I heard she wants to plan a world tour. So it’s best to get AI out the way (while using it as promotion) and then release the album and the rest is history.


  16. Froggie Fresh Beats

    Can’t wait to here it


  17. britt

    i bet he smashed afterwards


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