Tracklisting: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Rolling Papers’

Rolling Papers

Amazon has rolled out the tracklisting for Wiz Khalifa’s major label debut Rolling Papers. The Taylor Gang leader keeps the features to a minimum on the 14-track collection, enlisting help from Too $hort, Chevy Woods, and Curren$y, along with production from Stargate, Benny Blanco, and Jim Jonsin. Also included are “Roll Up” and his No. 1 smash “Black and Yellow.” Peep the tracklisting below before the LP blazes into stores on March 29.

1. “When I’m Gone”
2. “On My Level” feat. Too $hort
3. “Black and Yellow”
4. “Roll Up”
5. “Hopes & Dreams”
6. “Wake Up”
7. “The Race”
8. “Star of the Show” feat. Chevy Woods
9. “No Sleep”
10. “Get Your Shit”
11. “Top Floor”
12. “Fly Solo”
13. “Rooftops” feat. Curren$y
14. “Cameras”


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  1. mad@rihannatellem

    why ain’t This Plane included in the tracklisting? .-.


    MusicKING Reply:

    @mad@rihannatellem, That was a tight song, but I’m sure its not on here because its a been out a while and has been all over MTV jams etc, fans don’t wanna buy an album that seems to have old songs on it …but it is on his independent album entitled “Deal or no Deal” and I see the album all the time at target and FYE.


    Kesha Reply:

    @MusicKING, For those who dont know.. Wiz has had a first album in 2009 Titled “Deal or no deal”.. And it had “This Plane” on it.So He wouldn’t put it on his second album too


    Chri$ Reply:

    @Kesha, This is wiz k’s 3rd album, not 2nd:-)


  2. Romario.//taylor_gang

    yooo im excited for this album hopefully it tops Kush&Oj or on the same level! My blunts gonna stay ready when i jam to this~


  3. MusicKING

    Considering Cabin Fever was so good with only 9 tracks I know this is gonna be a good album, but I was hoping it would have 20 tracks with skits included at least, hopefully they have a deluxe version. Big Sean’s Finally Famous: The Album come out May 3rd so support that as well, him and wiz are boys and that’s my man from Detroit, we all in the same circle.


  4. bia



  5. Dallas Champ

    I might cop this…So many great artists are releasing music this year.


  6. yeahyeah

    “This Plane” came out from his old album called “Deal or No Deal.” Great song but the song is hella old.


  7. roller 22

    Star of the show is my jam. So glad all those wack releases arent on this. Looks like a laid back chilled album. Im copping this


  8. mykeb757

    I kn its gon be fire….and 14 cuts!!


  9. Drose

    Tracklists without production credits are like flat bottom ladies


  10. maya

    He needs 2 stop rolling up & eat something! To damn skinny!


  11. yadig

    i bet “fly solo” is about masturbation


  12. angelbaby

    I like how his album is mostly him though :)


  13. no thanks

    That album cover is nice. Im not feeling wiz khalifa though, Rolling papers sounds like a nelly throwaway from 2002. He raps for the surburbs and the teenagers and college kids that think they cool cuz they smoke a pound of weed a day and they yell taylor gang. I’ll pass. Give me substance or real hood shit


    Beacon Reply:

    @no thanks, Judging from this, I presume you think every rapper has to be gangsta? (If so, then that means most quality hip-hop artists wouldn’t make your playlist)


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