New Music: 50 Cent – ‘All His Love’

All His Love

50 Cent sends “All His Love” on his third freestyle release over the past few days. Boasting a snappy beat, the track sees the G-Unit leader spitting controversial rhymes about how he treats his ladies.

“If we goin’ out, we goin’ dutch, pay for your dinner bitch!/ Look bitch, this is my life, I’m on some different shit/ Every different day, I wake up to play with a different bitch,” he raps, while boasting, “Westside! This that shit right here. Feel like it’s supposed to be on that Detox.”

Surrender to Curtis’ romantic stylings below.

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  1. Curtis Junior

    awwwwww!! 50 rill sleek…this ok


  2. icebreaker

    I need an ALBUM 50!! This is the most I’ve been checkin for 50 since “The Massacre”, he’s back and vicious!


  3. stooooopid

    man 50 and bpumper is the same bullsh*t…


  4. dankingkemp

    This Sh*t is Harder than a Credit Card that Won’t Charge..)dk


  5. CheChilia

    50 is such a hater he’s needs to lighten up hate this lol


  6. CJ

    is 50 back? i think sooooo


  7. wauwatosa

    love y 50 but why does every word have to be bitch? that is not cute at all. you need to clean your rapping up and you will go far keep singing about your bitch and you will sink quicker than a heavy rock, man you are better than that. why can’t you rap a song that you could rap at a family
    gathering at grannys house and even granny would be rocking and bopping to like the candy store. lyrical friendly and not all the way hood. many rappers are trying to clean their acts up and you are big in the industry and people expect you to do better than you using the bitch word so damn you man but damn?


  8. wauwatosa

    man you have got some great rap songs out
    and it’s songs like the song that uses the words like bitch that get people bad mouthing the rappers. all of the rappers need to pay closer attention to the lyrical content of their songs. and 50 i expect more from you simply because you are a big force in the music industry,and people coming after you and other rappers use your songs as an example to go by,i still love your voice, flow and how you deliver your lyrics its just the bitch etc words,not a great look are sound.especially since every one wants to give the rappers a hard time anyway.


  9. Natalia

    good ;)


  10. *****love

    damm u are going hard with that blue


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