Rihanna Dresses Down at LAX

Melissa and Rihanna

We’re used to seeing Rihanna dressed up in the finest designer duds, but the red-haired superstar kept it casual while arriving at LAX on her way back from Australia where she wrapped her “Last Girl on Earth” tour. RiRi tried to avoid the paps by hiding behind her BFF Melissa, wearing a black Nike sweatsuit and sneakers. The glamour girl can be seen gracing the cover of next month’s Vogue.

Melissa and Rihanna Melissa and Rihanna Melissa and Rihanna

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  1. BIa

    Rihanna looks amazing with or without dresses!
    She is a normal person, so… why she cant use sweatsuit and sneakers ??

    love you rihanna!! <3<3


  2. rockwitu

    Hottest chick in the game and the baddest beyotch in heels has landed! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO Rihanna is that girl!


  3. MONKEY!

    You people are fooling yourself with the things you say…


  4. lala Molina

    i love rihanna!!! i have every album and shes my inspiration. now why cant a girl dress down?? sheesh!!YOU DO YOU RIRI!! love___ lala molina =*


  5. wauwatosa

    shes such a class act, she comes from very
    humble beginnings and has accomplished some
    great things in her time in the industry. she is always compared to many of the so called greats who came long before she did.


  6. wauwatosa

    she started a love affair with style
    along time ago that can transform the mind.


  7. Flexxx

    She still looks hott
    only the queen…………


  8. ckb

    She looks a nurse lol im so glad c.k.b is the next single


  9. maya

    seriously on Rihanna fans are saying she looks amazing b/c you love her but seriously she looks a MESS! I’ve seen other pics of her without the makeup & she’s not cute!


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