Black Eyed Peas Send Love to Japan in ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ Video

Black Eyed Peas

A week before the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan,, Fergie,, and Taboo were in Tokyo to shoot the video for their new single “Just Can’t Get Enough,” and have dedicated the clip to the people of the country.

To show their support for those afflicted by the natural disaster, the group included a special message at the beginning of the video, reports CNN. “This video was filmed in Japan one week before the earthquake. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan. We love you,” reads the text, while providing viewers with a link to donate to the Red Cross. previously tweeted his concern for his Japanese friends. “I’m worried about my friends from smap smap, verbal, kage son, and all my friends I care about . I can’t reach any of them in japan,” he wrote.

The foursome will perform “Just Can’t Get Enough” this Thursday on “American Idol,” while the video is set to debut sometime this week.

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  1. chris shorts


    THIS IS one of the only good songs on the beginning so i no the video is going to be great #prayforjapan


  2. Adam

    the beginning is totally amazing
    its fuckin awesome !

    great song, and gr8 job Peas :D


  3. roro

    maybe it’d be more genuine if they donated all the revenue for the video instead of just a message?


  4. ri

    Very valid point @ roro


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