New Music: Musiq Soulchild – ‘Alphabet’

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild spells it out for listeners on “Alphabet,” the second single off his upcoming album MusiqInTheMagiq, due May 3. Touting a horn-heavy beat, the Philly crooner takes every letter of the alphabet and kicks off each sentence with a phonetic way to express his admiration. “Every letter in the alphabet is another reason that I want you,” he explains on the chorus. Listen as Musiq schools you on the ABCs.


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  1. dalastrealnicca

    2 SIMPLE! I expected something a little more profound n mature from Musiq(ex. Beautiful,Love,Dont Change). I hope the album gets better from here…….


  2. chris shorts

    Cute but @dalastrealnicca is right coming from him i expected a little more


  3. ooh

    this is corny :| musiq wtf


  4. Blaze

    I like this do yo thang my dude


  5. maya

    It’s a real cool spring song, I’m buying his album but “Beautiful” is still my fav song!


  6. unplugged

    love the song…Musiq always brings out the more commercial singles as his leads…remember radio….and buddy….so i know that the album will get so much better


  7. DEEPERthanRAP

    this goes! idk what yall gripin bout


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