Swizz Beatz Throws an ‘International Party’ with Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

It’s showtime! Swizz Beatz is gearing up for his new album Haute Living and he’s enlisted a star-studded cast of collaborators, including his wife Alicia Keys.

Rap-Up.com was inside a private dinner hosted by Reebok at Philippe Chow, where the super-producer previewed a few tracks from his second solo project, due this summer. After dining on lobster, Swizz pulled out his MacBook Pro and turned the restaurant into a studio with a few banging selections featuring Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, and U2’s Bono.

The feel-good “International Party” boasts a rock-tinged beat with Alicia on the chorus. A video will be filmed in Los Angeles this week with director Chris Robinson and it will mark the kickoff to his global partnership with Reebok, which includes a line of sneakers and apparel.

Swizzy also played the black-and-white video for his lead single “Rock ‘N’ Roll” featuring Lil Wayne, Lenny Kravitz, and Travis Barker, and mentioned that he had recorded a collaboration with his Ruff Ryders cohort Eve.

Get ready for a Haute summer!

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  1. janet

    isnt eve hes sister?


  2. gladis

    I thought I was going to hear or see something..LOL I miss Alicia Keys…Swizz, not so much.


  3. ooh

    I wanna hear this. Especially the Alicia Keys and Jay-Z songs.


  4. donrilya



  5. alicia's a homewrecka

    the international party is free bees with his homew.recka wife….all aboard dogs.


    Patrick Reply:

    @alicia’s a homewrecka, You need to get a life, and get over whoever left you negtive self alone. Don’t even know these people.


  6. Talented Team

    I absolutely love this couple. They are talented and Swizz is a true hustler.

    Swizz can always get the best talented together for his albums.


  7. Patrick

    Can’t wait to hear the song and the full album. Fan of both them as artists and producers. So much judgement going on some people need to worry about themselves and leave people alone. Because you are the lonely person hurting to and about people who don’t care about You!


  8. bree m.

    Amen Patrick. That stuff is over with. Alicia is still a great artist. Mashonda justs wants her fifteen minutes of fame which have been up! There’s no need to keep bringing it up at Alicia’s expense when she wasn’t the only one involved. Anyway, Alicia can sing the heck out of any chorus, so I can’t wait to hear the song and to see if she appears in the vid. That would be great.


  9. emoniemame

    i really love alicia’s music but i wont to know more about this three year old love child that swizz father while beening marry to mashonda with this woman from london she also a singer who swizz ran up behind for 3 years before she gave him some play and alicia knew about this secret love child before he went to her third birthday party the mother of the three year old has been trying to get child support out of swizzy for years so mashonda aint the only woman that is mad at alicia dont get him wrong he was paing it on the downlow but when he got with alicia he stop an the mother went publicy about swizz beening her child father good luck to licia on her stepmom role


  10. Karen

    When he got with Alicia he stopped paying child support, I think that’s what you said. How in the world do you know that to be a fact? Why do people keep spreading stupid rumors? BTW, she’ll be a great mom and stepmom. Don’t worry.


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