Guess Whose Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Guess Whose Ride

Who splurged on this $200,000-plus Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for his birthday?

It’s! The Black Eyed Peas frontman treated himself to the pricey Gullwing for his 36th birthday. “Me and my spaceship,” he tweeted.

Will, along with Fergie, Taboo, and, will perform their new single “Just Can’t Get Enough” on “American Idol” tomorrow night. Watch the music video for the song here.

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  1. andrew

    LMFAO wasn’t expecting that.


  2. Joe

    Not mine.


  3. Adam

    i knew it :D

    he rocks


  4. Triple ONE

    The car suits him well. He is a small car with major money. More than I…Okay!!! and I am not mad.


  5. T-Mac

    Yeah, i thought it’s this gay ass nigga with his tight pants.


  6. Jay

    I sure didn’t think that was him


  7. kani k

    i dont like the shoes.. they look like fish.


  8. bep_xxx

    I love BEP!!!!! <3


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