New Music: Mobb Deep – ‘Love Ya’ll More’

Mobb Deep

Fresh off his prison bid, Prodigy reunites with Havoc for the first post-incarceration Mobb Deep track “Love Y’all More.” The gushy soul-sampled tune, produced by Mobb affiliate Alchemist, is a return to form for the Queens duo, with gruff rhymes dedicated to the fans for holding P down while he was serving his time. “Through the thick and the thin, strong and the long/ We love y’all, ’cause y’all love us/ We love ya’ll more,” raps the newly-liberated Prodigy. See if the chemistry is still there.

[In Flex We Trust]

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  1. ac3

    down with mobb deep.


  2. mamacita

    Miss You Mobb Deep!!!! Classic sound.


  3. roro

    so glad they back to that OG shit
    g unit screwed them over real bad


  4. Nighttime Vulture

    Not a bad joint to kick things off. Showin’ love for your fans. I like that shit, I like it. Now, how about an “Infamous II” or “Still Hell On Earth” or “More Murda Muzik” album? I wanna hear that old Mobb Deep, you know what I’m sayin’? I wanna hear that Mobb Deep that got me buyin’ your albums. I hope you readin’ this. Welcome home P!
    James showin’ love for Mobb Deep from Vancouver, BC.


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  6. dankingkemp

    Godbless Mobb Deep..)dk


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