New Music: Ryan Leslie – ‘Joan of Arc’

Joan of Arc

Ryan Leslie takes it way back on his new song “Joan of Arc,” expected to be included on his third album Les Is More. The singer-songwriter laments living life as a player, rapping over burning synthesizers about how hooking up with a slew of girls has its consequences.

“I took a chance on romance, I loved you/ And now that it burns, still I yearn to touch you,” he sings on the chorus, flipping back to rhyming on the verses.

Dip into the past on the latest from R-Les.

Ryan Leslie – “Joan of Arc”


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  1. Unknown

    Not really feeling this. I am a big fan of Ryan But Not digging it.


  2. Be See Aich

    So dope. Ryan’s a beast, I can’t wait for his third installment.


  3. EL

    This is GREAT! Ryan is masterful and deserves so much more acclaim in his own right.


  4. chris shorts

    i really like it reminds me of Guardian Angel Alot hes hella dope


  5. AAA

    Yessssssss Ryan, this is exactly how in feelin, #goodAssJob


  6. icebreaker

    This is DOPE.


  7. aton

    Ryan leslie is dope, but I wanted to hear “Breathe” feat. Mr. Hudson waaay more.





    Neickha Reply:

    @RONALDMATTERS.COM, nooo.. this is for his album


  9. Rosewood

    This shit is hot and I don’t even like R&B.


  10. Drose

    People hatin this track..READ A BOOK! Drake couldn’t touch this track.. sound like an old eminem beat tho


  11. CheChilia

    I love Ryan Leslie!


  12. Me

    Horrible beat


  13. kash

    The chorus is fire, dont know about the rappin tbh ..


  14. janet

    love it


  15. Kev

    Shit is SICK call the docta!!!!!!!!


  16. Goon

    French FTW lol !


  17. Neickha

    French History IV.

    Ryan Leslie is awesome.


  18. Sol-power

    This is hot!


  19. kiki

    I do love me some R-Les not sure about this joint yet but i’m still hearing a lot of great tunes from this new album.


  20. Jarvis

    Hot track! r-les never fails


  21. Asa

    Fucking loving the track, really feeling Ryan Leslie as a rapper now than I did listening to the raps he did on the first two albums. Track kinda has that Never Gonna Break Up feel to it. Sexy beat, good lyrics and something I can vibe too. Can’t wait to hear Les Is More


  22. sleeping beauty

    i love this! its dope. r les is too underrated


  23. J Fresh

    I’m glad this has finally dropped. Excited about this new project. I agree @Sleepingbeauty, he is definitely underrated.


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