Video: Lil’ Mo Recalls Near-Death Experience

Lil’ Mo took it to church to recount a near-death experience, baring her soul to the congregation. During an emotional speech, the R&B songstress broke down in tears while recalling a life-changing situation where her body began to fail her, but she pulled through after calling on a higher power. After sharing her moving story, the “Superwoman” brought down the house with the gospel tune “He’s Able.”

Mo is currently in a religious state of mind, preparing to guest star as the church soloist in the Washington, D.C. production of “The Color Purple” at the National Theatre, taking place from April 12 to 24.

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  1. David

    God is good all the time. In this situation there’s no one to come to but God. May he continue to strengthen you


  2. Blaze

    You better praise him Mo thats right he’s able to do just what he said thank you Jesus!!! I felt that down in my soul glory to God


  3. Kev

    I was just wondering the other day where she’s been! Mo can blow


  4. Tom-Tom

    “He’s Able” is NOT a new tune! One of my favorite gospel songs of all time! Been out for a minute. Good to see Mo blessing the lord and hearing her testament.


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  6. It's Complicated

    What she should be saying is God scared her for all the sh*t she talks on Twitter. Typical Christian…a damn hypocrite. Take your sob story somewhere else b/c IDGAF to be quite honest.


  7. jay

    Wow.Glad to see Mo doing good and praising god.and to “it’s complicated.Didnt ur mama tell you if u dont have anything good to say dont say nothing.GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME


  8. mike

    God does not give a F*CK if this chick live or die. There are BILLIONS of People already DEAD. She is not Important. There is no god.


  9. chyna

    i think ur domb because y woul u say its no god u dummy! and thats good she suvvied luv u mo


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