Behind the Video: Chipmunk f/ Keri Hilson – ‘In the Air’

Chipmunk and Keri Hilson

British rapper Chipmunk jetted to Los Angeles to film the video for “In the Air,” his collaboration with Keri Hilson off his sophomore album Transition, due April 18 in the U.K. Miss Keri, rocking long blonde locks, hops behind the wheel of a car while performing under a bridge with her English co-star in the Colin Tilley-directed clip.

Taking a break from filming in the early morning hours, the sexy singer spoke on how the international collaboration came about. “When I first heard the record, it was special and I wish that we were in the studio together,” she says. “If you think the chemistry was amazing based upon what you hear, it would have even been better. So I say that to say when we are finally on stage performing this record together, the chemistry will be there. I promise you.”

Go behind the scenes of the video below.

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  1. misscarlybaby

    love the song but keri looks a mess


  2. kiki

    Umm her ‘hair’


  3. Awesome

    Wow what a hot girl looking like a drag queen its a shame


  4. LOL

    ugh she does look a mess!


  5. VA 4 Life!

    Well…I think the song is cute, even though Chipmunk’s accent is annoying as hell to me. I can never really understand what the hell he is saying, but Keri’s hook is nice.

    I guess I am just used to seeing her with long hair but that two toned wig looks a hot ass mess! It’s not flattering to her features at all. She really doesn’t look right with long hair.

    And I cannot believe Colin Tilley is only 22! That dude looks at least 30! SMH!


  6. THRU

    As ususal, Keri’s look is muddled, ill-fitting and an uncohesive mess.


  7. MwA YoU

    Oh my remember I got your back video wooo she looked nasty and this hairstyle aint flattering


  8. DivineFaulk

    I didn’t want 2 comment on this,but,after reading other comments I thought I should say something.It is unusual 2 c Keri Hilson with long Blonde hair,but,if she feel that she like her hari Blonde.Who r we 2 judge…All of this mess saying she looks a hot mess is just plain stupid.I know that I can’t tell u what 2 think r say,but,I feel that everyone should mind their own business nd get out of Keri’s.I mean,it’s her hair not urs,nd it’s not ur worries 2 worry bout her…Point-Blank


  9. jamie

    not being funny but i hope someone reads this and agrees with me ….. remember those promotional house of dereon photos beyonce done about a year ago ??? Keri is wearing the exact same jacket , same hair style and glasses ….i was like wow.. ok


  10. Jay

    This dude is pretty dope and I really like this song. Been feeling Chipmunk ever since “Champion.” Have listen to Champion a million times. And I’ve loved every video so far that Colin Tilley has done.


  11. Lala

    I agree with you DivineFaulk. Leave her alone.


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  13. Alex

    Keri Hilson is killin da game right now ! I’m lovin the hair and haterz need to stfu …… Keri is the female michael jackson/neyo/ usher so go away hatez ….. Shes better than ciara , beyonce, and rihanna all put together and she making money. One night stand with cb coming soon so dont worry bout her shes gettin it daily stay mad……….


  14. Lala

    Yaaa Alex!! She is hot. She’s doing features, vidoes, tours, etc. I like her music and her style, but to each his own. You can like her are hater her, but you can’t stop what God has for her is for her!!


  15. catrina

    WOW lets gust say i LOVE this song and chipmunk lol :D


  16. ..

    am i the onli 1 hu likes here hair


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