Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, Skylar Grey, & Yelawolf Go Hard at Woodie Awards

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa not only picked up the Woodie of the Year at the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards, but he also took home an even bigger prize, girlfriend Amber Rose. The Pittsburgh rapper, who performed “Roll Up” and “Black and Yellow” at the show in Austin, flashed a smile as he cozied up on the red carpet next to Kanye’s ex.

Rising stars Skylar Grey and Yelawolf flaunted their rockstar style for photographers, later presenting the first award of the evening. Lil B crashed the stage when an absent Kanye West beat him out for Left Field Woodie and much-buzzed-about hip-hop collective Odd Future closed the show with a strange set.

Check out the hipsters and hip-hop heads converging during the SXSW Festival.

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  1. Olkainry

    Thats so embarrassing for him, yuck.


    fiona Reply:

    @Olkainry, oh yes!


  2. nack

    wiz khalifa and amber rose are so cute together!


  3. unicorn

    We can share love like Kanye and Khalifa,
    From runways in Milan to big bags of reefer,
    She aight for one night but don’t keep her,
    Ask Nas – Kelis was the biggest ether! – 50


  4. BobKat

    Ok it’s true, she getting fat, I see that gut poppin


  5. nzhrt

    hell she got fat
    i dont understand wiz


    nanzozy Reply:

    why?i think wiz is right ,let him enjoying new love


  6. maya

    Are these rappers DUMB? She just using them to get her fame up! & she’s not fat, her body is perfectly fine, smh.


  7. Bob Barker

    How many times will she be past around Hollyhood?? Does she even do anything besides get spread??


  8. kany west is the best



    nzhrt Reply:

    @kany west is the best, no I ain’t fat and she is ugly.


    babygirl Reply:

    @kany west is the best,
    Jeez calm down, is it that serious??…….. She has gotten thick in the thighs area. For her. There are pictures of her where you can see this. HOWEVER it shouldn’t really matter, but since she’s a female people just HAVE TO talk about it……

    In my opinion those two look really weird together. They both look happy though, but from the outside looking in, they look kinda goofy to me.

    It’s nice to actually see Skyler Gray’s face..


  9. TowandaW

    Awww they look really Cute together and Amber is Beauty’


  10. Gerard

    I saw her on running Russell Simmons.. She has a typical black womans body blessed with the thickness..She also has much respect in the community.. She is a beautiful woman to me


  11. leaveitalone

    Amber is a beautiful black woman REAL beautiful black woman…all NATUTAL without all that fakeASSness if you know what I mean with all those inflated unreal women out there…if she was a white girl would you be so maddddd…don’t hate the player…what woman wants a broke ass man anyways….let her find her a man that can do big things….and big ups to him for not hiding there relationship….


    moo Reply:

    @leaveitalone, I didn’t know she was black, to me she’s white lol


  12. Patty Sanchez

    Yeezy Taught Her. i mean seriously nobody would know this woman if it wasn’t for Mr.West.
    & to looking at this is just horrific, im sorry wiz fans but he is so skinny and he has nothing that connects to her. kanye & amber looked much better. way better.
    I can’t underestimate her beauty, very gorgeous but this is just a big NO.


  13. ILoveWizAndAmberBothRegardless

    I wonder if the reason why she’s gained a bit extra,is because she’s pregnant? #JustSaying


  14. slimm

    Amber is the BEST Gal on the planet!!!!!!


  15. travislover

    i think they look cute 2gether but i dnt think as a couple they dnt look good as a couple PEACE OUT NIGGAZ<3


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