Drake Shares Unforgettable Evening with President Clinton


Drake saw stars and zebra stripes last night at a benefit for Bill Clinton’s Millennium Network, hosted by the former president at Boulevard3 in Hollywood. The Young Money rapper, clad in a zebra-print shirt over a black tee, gold chain, and black pants, performed at the VIP fundraiser in support of the Clinton Foundation before a crowd that included Chaka Khan, Chelsea Clinton, Blake Griffin, Rose McGowan, Elise Neal, and more.

The scruffy star received a presidential introduction from Clinton himself. “Our performer tonight really doesn’t need me to introduce him and probably doesn’t need me to tell you that you’ll like him ’cause he’s 40 years younger than I am,” joked Clinton. “We do have one thing in common. He was recently nominated for a Grammy and I won two. Unlike me, his first album was No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and he’s worked and recorded with a lot of famous people including my fellow New Yorker and friend Jay-Z.”

A humbled Drizzy took the stage performing “Show Me a Good Time.” “I’d like to first of all say how honored I am to be here this evening. I’m a 24-year-old kid from Canada and I truly take tonight as one of the most important nights of my life,” he told the audience. “With that being said, let’s have some fun.”

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  1. laura

    dear Mr. clinton drake has not won a Grammy…


    Rashaud Reply:

    @laura, he didn’t say he won. learn to read u fool. haters will take any chance they get.


    AAA Reply:

    @Rashaud, lol you know that’s right


  2. AAA

    I like this look on drizzy


  3. timannotawtaw

    So cool and swag I like this too


  4. maya

    Oh hell no! I love Drizzy but he looks a HOT ass mess, from the beard to the outfit, smh.


    Brionna Reply:

    @maya, AMEN!!!!! EVerything is a fail


  5. Chris C.

    Look like he got a spray tan


  6. Brionna

    Drake looks crazy as hell hair, face, and outfit


  7. Mr Xclusive

    @Chris C. no it doesnt you idiot, why were you born ?


  8. LOL

    He showed up looking like this to a Bill Clinton event? Seriously? Buy a suit and look presentable please just because you’re a rapper doesnt mean you can dress like a broke down pimp that hasnt shaved.


  9. Fatkittypus

    OMG he look sooo CUTE, uggghh i wanne have sex with him :-(



    i would still hit that…


  11. Lisa

    Ugh. He needs to dress more professional and don’t get me started on his looks. He’s already ugly and all that facial hair does not help. Jigga is ugly too, but a suit does wonders for ugly people.


  12. Heminem

    I love that shirt and chain


  13. Sharp Tongue

    I’m feeling Drake more and more i like this look on him.





  15. SlickNick

    Article title sounded sexy. Imagine Clint and Drake in bed after sipping on sizzurp and basking on each other in the moonlight. ^_^;;


  16. kiki

    Now i can see why he is scorpio, the scruff look is umm nicer :)


  17. Jessica

    Drake is fuhking hot But he looks like a mother fuhking monkey with this look he needs a reality check on the quicks!(:


  18. shian

    you look like a money


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