Guess Whose Neon Braids

Guess Whose Braids

Who lit up the streets of London with her neon yellow and orange braided hair extensions?

Willow Smith

It’s Willow Smith! The pint-size fashionista whipped her multicolored braids while exiting her hotel over the weekend. Willow is currently overseas opening for teen sensation Justin Bieber.

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  1. Kwayzee

    who else


  2. boss

    i knew it


  3. pink friday

    yup i already knew


  4. Stre3t Danc@

    Weezy & Willow. It can’t be any1 else


  5. Rachel



  6. Alfred Islas

    GOD DAMN IT!!! I thought it was Rihanna who was as small as a 10 year old, and was famous!

    SHAME ON ME! How could I be so stupid? A better guess would’ve Chris Brown :(.


  7. I GO HAM

    Everybody and they mama knew it was willow #Aduh !


  8. ARJ

    i really thought it was aubrey o’day….


  9. kiki

    Yes i knew it was her, bless her she’s too cute :)


  10. rf

    I knew it was her!
    My sister thought it was Chris Brown


  11. oso_jo_ro



  12. Chaaych

    Wasnt Thaat SOO Obvious?
    C’mon. who else would it be?


  13. lulzwat

    what other celebrity wheres coloured indivisuals in there hair?



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  15. Jay

    That was way to easy


  16. gothikarose

    i dont like this girl. shes a mini nicki minaj, rhianna and black lady gaga


    robertCB Reply:

    @gothikarose, what ?

    why u hatin on her ? shes just tryin to be someone, tryn to make diference, she hasnt given u reasons to hate on her, yet. and btw nicki is a lyrical beast, u shouldnt compair themselves , aight ?


  17. Harvey

    Dumb Bitch! what’s wrong with her eyes?


  18. robertCB

    who else, indeed


  19. cinnabar conyers

    i love her song whipped my hair back and forth


  20. chichi

    some buttahz hairstyle like


  21. bre

    wow I knew it this little girl


  22. rinaboo

    Who didnt know it was her??? So duh


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