Video: Nicole Scherzinger Performs on ‘Danse Avec Les Stars’

“Dancing with the Stars” champ Nicole Scherzinger returned to a familiar place, performing a medley of her Pussycat Dolls hit “When I Grow Up” and solo single “Don’t Hold Your Breath” on the French edition of “Dancing with the Stars” (“Danse Avec Les Stars”). The former PCD member sparkled onstage as dancers grooved to her sounds.

“Wow it was a year ago I was doing DWTS in US! Brings back so many memories!” tweeted Nicole, whose debut album Killer Love drops tomorrow in the U.K.

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  1. infamous

    Oh cool. I loved that performance even though I didn´t like the fact that she is performed a PCD song.


  2. dj_miki

    yeahhhh DONT JOLD YOUR BREATH is #1 in UK… thats AMAZINGGGGGGGG!111


  3. tiffany

    oooooooo gosh i watched “danse avec les stars ” yesterday evening!!

    m.pokora won and he deserved it! so happy( it’s like the french chris brown, talking bout kit’s almost the same dance performances )

    i’m happy this show came in france, we’re so late, but it’s a new breath in television


    Bouhh Reply:

    @tiffany, Please don’t say that M.Pokora is the French Chris Brown…


    MaZ Reply:


    Lmao @ The french Chris Brown! What do they have in common??? Pleaaaase!

    He don’t deserve it! Sofia Essaïdi is a better dancer!She deserved the first place! She was on point and blown every saturdays of this first season!


  4. tiffany


    of course chris brown is more talented, but matt pokora dances and sings rnb

    if you’re american, i don’t know why you speak like dat, if you’re french, justify…


    Bouhh Reply:

    @tiffany, because u dance and sing pop/rnb doesn’t mean you are Chris Brown ! M.Pokora doesn’t have the great talent of Chris Brown. As far as I dislike Chris Brown, you just can’t compare both of them. French people will never be at the same level as any american artists concerning music entertainment, that’s for sure.

    Peace y’all


  5. MaZ

    Nicole is Number One in the UK. I’m happy for her!


  6. Jopacangrie

    Nicole’s Killer Love 2morrow finally her cd is comin’ out!!! Don’t Hold Your Breath #1


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