Video: Snoop Dogg Meets Wiz Khalifa’s Mom

Snoop Dogg showed respect for his close associate Wiz Khalifa’s mother while kicking it backstage at a show. Toking up with his homie, Tha Doggfather showed Mama Wiz some love by giving her a hug and chatting it up, all while the “Roll Up” rapper sparked up behind them. The dynamic duo’s ties run deep, with plans for their stoner comedy High School to begin shooting in May. Watch Snoop meet the woman behind the man in the new clip.

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  1. i..

    Getting high next to your mother? sorry but… shame on you wiz!


    ohoiuh Reply:


    shutup dude…gettin HIGH WITH your awesome..u must be like 14


    young spades Reply:

    @i.., Dude wiz mom smokes 2,


  2. me

    Naw, Wiz said his mom is a hippie so she doesnt care. on another note, it looked like she was ready to sit on snoops face.


  3. Chris C.



  4. kiki loves left eye

    That was a cute moment. Don’t even watch this Khalifa dude but his mom is cute.


  5. flysly

    I agree with i..
    like that’s just W I E R D


  6. wtfever

    His Mama knows he smokes, if she is ok with it, we should be. She appears to be a mature, respectable woman. Dont hate because she is ok with her son smoking herb. Love Snoop.


  7. CheChilia

    that was great!


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