New Music: John Legend – ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Adele Cover)

John Legend

John Legend takes on British powerhouse Adele’s hit “Rolling in the Deep.” The G.O.O.D. Music crooner, who is working on his next album with executive producer Kanye West, strips down the original track, showcasing his Grammy-winning vocals acapella. Listen to the soulful stylings of Mr. Legend.

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  1. Tran

    What was that garbage? Adele should sue


    Dylan Reply:

    @Tran, Your opinion is garbage.


  2. dankingkemp

    Let me Help out Tran,,, This is Awesome..)dk


  3. Ventura Forever

    smh , when are people gonna learn that you CAN NOT cover an Adele song , its always gonna be a #FAIL


  4. headphones

    yea he should of worked on the chorus a bit lol but props to him for showing love to a fellow talented musician. PS Adele’s album is crack! Def my favorite of 2011


  5. jenniika

    I normally enjoy John Legend’s music, but this was awful. Adele, FTW.


  6. Joan

    Good Evening
    I love this song John Legend I have to go and get this album. I really never like his music. but listen to this made me go out and pick up this ablum. yes for John Legend. this is what you called music. real music.


  7. DRB



  8. Joseph McCoy

    Love John Legend BUT Adele can only kill this.

    I can’t wait for some new material though…


    Curt Reply:

    @Joseph McCoy, I agree


  9. Wasalu

    why does everyone have to make it about who is better

    John Legend AND Adele are both two of the most talented vocalists out right now and I think this is a great cover


  10. JAYE

    I like his version. It reminds me of when I used to go to my great grandmother’s church.


  11. tell'em

    Adele >>>


  12. Be

    F-Me :)


  13. ColeWorld

    He always sound like he’s crying. The arrangement is unique and different, but nobody should cover an Adele song.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Ahahaha I’ve been listening to him for years and never noticed that. He does sound like he’s crying lmao


  14. ponyo

    its ok…but adele does it best….her album is fire


  15. RisRobot

    Mike Posner’s cover of this song is better.


  16. rlf

    I enjoyed his version


  17. sugartarx

    sounds like slave music from roots or the type of shit my mama sings when she working LOL :’D


  18. kvmbvkj

    john legened admires this song so mutch that he did a cover, becus i love it and love music.. never said that hes better than adele, relax and enjoy



    i liked this version but adeles original version is better


  20. Jae

    This is really good!


  21. Lyssa

    I think it may have sounded better if he’d had some music behind him, but I think it was beautiful…It did have a Negro spiritual vibe about it. I felt this version just as much as Adele’s version, and I adore them both. He’s paying homage to a talented artist, not trying to do it better than her (as if he could, lol.


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