Nicki Minaj Nixes ‘X Factor’ Judging Gig

Nicki Minaj

X does not mark the spot for Nicki Minaj. The Young Money rapper will not be appearing as a judge on Simon Cowell’s singing competition “The X Factor.”

Page Six previously reported that Cowell was in discussions with the Harajuku Barbie to join the judging panel on the show’s upcoming U.S. edition, along with former Island Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid.

Sources connected to Minaj tell TMZ that she won’t be taking on the gig, saying, “There’s nothing going on with ['X Factor'].”

Cowell admitted to reporters that many of the names rumored to be in talks, including Jessica Simpson and Paula Abdul, were likely leaked from his own company to stir up buzz for the show, which premieres this fall on Fox.

Mariah Carey’s name was among those in the mix, but those reports have been denied. However, the pop songbird may play a role during live shows.

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  1. ponyo

    i am officially tired of nicki minaj


    MwA YoU Reply:

    @ponyo, Only a krim fan would say that


    ponyo Reply:

    @MwA YoU, i am a fan of both… opinion is non bias. And yes. Team queen bee …Team nicki too.


    Face Reply:

    @ponyo, As if you gotta be a Kim fan to be tired of the bitch.


  2. rinaboo

    Too bad :-( for you. You rock nicki keep doing what you do. Love you. Glad you still on your music ish, but either way I’d still bang ur flows


  3. Leon

    No-talent rapper Nicki can barely carry a tune much less judge a singing contest. Hilarious!


    Michaeljr97 Reply:

    @Leon, Nicki Minaj is pretty much better than her your horse-back favorite #YeaISaidIt


  4. oso_jo_ro

    thanks god!
    she should focus on her music career!


  5. st

    Iam extremely happy that Nicki wont be taking part because i have been praying that God should direct you in making the rightful decision on this issue.Eventhough i supported the idea in the first place but i have been having double mind concerning it but any way great things awaits us Nicki. TEAM MINAJ.


    Yo! Reply:

    @st, It’s not that serious


    listen_up Reply:

    ya seriously wtf u dont gotta pray 4 the girl ..damn psycho


  6. Doug

    No-talent Nicki can barely carry a tune. Imagine her as a judge? Laughable.


    lolsmileyface Reply:

    Hm, I bet Simon Cowell and L.A. reid can’t either….


    MY FIRST KISS Reply:

    @Doug, U MAD KIM?


  7. st

    @Doug, Did i just hear no talent from your dirty mouth?Nicki Minaj is the most telanted artist i have ever seen in this 21st century and simon cowell never said he wanted a vocalist to be a judge .so you can take your shitty comment together with your bags of talents of sitting behind a computer while your mates are doing something with their lives and get lost.


    Doug Reply:


    I’m going to die of laughter if you continue to make statements like that. Talent-challenged Nicki will be relegated to the dump heap of music history in due time. Incidentally, are you unemployed and using computers at the library? Perhaps Nicki can offer you a job carrying her luggage.


    BULLSHIT Reply:

    @Doug, shut ur ass and leave nicki alone!!!! go find something better to do..ummm lets c i got one go fuck ur self!!!! who the hell r u to be sayin talent challenge nicki!!!n u want to tell someone about carrying nickis luggage im sure u would be delighted if she offered you to kiss her ass for a job u would!!! bitch!! im sooooooooo tried of haterzzz gosh let the girl do her thing!!!!!!



    iDidn’t expect Nicki to take the job. She ain’t poppin’ enough to be tellin’ nobody else what to do with their career.


    STFU Reply:

    @RONALDMATTERS.COM, neither is ur picture but yet u still put it on the internet…


  9. Eric

    she didn’t ‘nix’ it, she was never being considered in the first place, it was rumor.


    kellie Reply:

    @Eric, she did “nix” the oppurtunity if this story of saying NO/NEVERMIND is true because simon said himself in two interviews that he is considering nicki


    “We’ve spoken to [Nicki] but we’ve met so many people that’s it’s just a long, exhausting process that we have to deal with. It’ll be announced in the next week. We were actually introduced a few weeks ago.”


    “We’ve met Nicki and what we have to decide now, we’ve got two places left. And now L.A.’s come into the mix, so he’s got an opinion. We talked to the sponsors, to the network, to the producers. And we’ve got a few in the mix and we have to choose two people from that. We did meet with Nicki and she was terrific.”


  10. Jay

    Barbs and kens around the world are crying their eyes out…


  11. Dulcee

    Good. She shouldnt be doin that this early in her career, real talk. Shes workin on her second album, shooting vids, in the studio, she doesnt have time for this ! #TeamMinaj hoe !


  12. Lil Howie

    Why do people thing that they can Make Nicki do what they say She dont Care about u hates she makeing money and your money beucase your not let her do her thing and make her paper maybe if u stop worrying about her u will be making paper to soon….or NOT!


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