Video: Kelis Performs with Duran Duran

Simon Le Bon and Kelis

Kelis joined New Wave band Duran Duran to perform their new collaboration “The Man Who Stole a Leopard” during VEVO’s “Unstaged” concert broadcast live from Los Angeles’ Mayan Theatre on Wednesday (March 23).

“She’s definitely got that R&B, ‘Milkshake,’ hip-hoppy sort of thing,” frontman Simon Le Bon told Entertainment Weekly. “But she also reminds me of an opera diva as well. She’s just exquisite.”

Watch Kelis take the stage with the ’80s idols below.

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  1. GOSHA

    Gr8 performing !


  2. incognegro

    I love Kelis!!! She stays true to herself no matter what people say, and that’s what draws famous acts like Duran Duran to her – there’s in authenticity in her talent, that you cannot get from a lot of other acts. Their voices mesh very well together, and I really hope that they create more music together, as I am really looking forward to new music from Kelis and Duran Duran. Team Kelis all day every day!!!


  3. yes!

    Kelis sounded a mumbling mess…she barely even sang! LOL @ “Opera Diva” that was truly a joke!


  4. Shamus

    I had never heard of Kelis before DD released TMWSAL. She has a beautiful voice and gorgeous presence. I watched the entire concert. DD was in peak form. David Lynch’s experiment was interesting but at times it was a distraction because we really couldn’t get a clear view of the performers. Thanks for uploading the clear photo of Simon and Kelis.


  5. oso_jo_ro

    I love her…
    she’s so freakin underrated !


  6. Dave

    Great track from a legendary band. 100 % better than the drivel on pop radio.


  7. Harvey

    I love her,cause she doesnt follow other not even on her twitter.I love her voice is amazing.


  8. fi

    finchers best musical project was and will always be
    jody watleys “real love” video


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