Video: Sean Garrett Performs ‘Feel Love’ on ‘Wendy Williams’

Sean Garrett kept it classy while singing “Feel Love,” the lead single from his Roc Nation debut, on Friday’s “Wendy Williams Show.” The singer-songwriter, dressed in a white tuxedo jacket and black bow tie, was backed by a small string orchestra as he crooned about falling in love. However, Sean wasn’t too in love with his live set, tweeting, “I must apologize for the sound on my performance.”

How do you think Sean did? Share your thoughts below.


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  3. Neickha

    I know I thought I was the only one.. who thought so. I don’t think he can sing at all. But he’s great at writing songs!


  4. say what

    sean i enjoyed the song, you did great.


  5. Kahari

    As much as a I enjoy Sean Garrett as a songwriter and vocal producer, I absolutely despise him as an artist. His voice is very weak and nasally, much like the Dream, who both work great behind the scenes but are terrible front men as artist. He lacks stage presence and this performance was just an overall mess.


  6. uknowumad

    Not everyone can be R Kelly, he just needs to stick to producing and writing for other artist.


  7. wtf

    ugh, i had to cut it off midway.


  8. Lolsmileyface

    His voice has gotten sooo annoying now.
    Maybe he would get better writing & producing opportunities if he sat down and stopped trying to sing himself.


  9. RealHipHop

    Dope songwriter but this nigga can’t sing for shit. Good at doing demos for other artist I’m sure, but when it comes to him being a solo artist it’s just not his thing.

    Nothing wrong with staying behind the scenes Sean. It’s more money there cause you really embarrassing yourself this way. Not everyones meant to be a solo artist homie. :-/


  10. Nait Phoenix

    Who let that monkey into the studio?


  11. jon

    Yo chill on the singing tip cause u trash


  12. jon

    That’s all I have to say


  13. Renee

    I agree..I had to cut it off midway because it was soooo bad. I’m sure my girl Bey is not happy…stick 2 producing, singing is not for you..


  14. melly mel

    Damn that was freakin hoorrrrrrrrrrible! smdh


  15. jae elle

    He always sounds a mess in my opinion. it amazes me that even when a person is obviously lacking vocal ability, they can still get record deals and perform. the industry used to be for talented people only. now its just a damn mess. smmfh.


  16. AsianKL

    holy crap! he can’t sing at all! oh well, i still like this song alot. i can relate to it


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