Chrisette Michele Lets Her Hair Down

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele is switching up her look yet again. The “Epiphany” soulstress debuted a puff of curly, shoulder-length locks while celebrating her friend Corynne Corbett’s birthday in New York City last night. Her previous looks include a cropped blonde ‘do, shaved head, and long brown tresses.

Are you digging Chrisette’s new ‘do? Check the pics and share your thoughts.

Chrisette Michele Chrisette Michele

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  1. mesouth

    thats what i call a news -.-”


  2. ...

    she looks much better than she did with the blonde hair, but i still miss how she looked when she debuted.


  3. underdog

    im a big fan but that wig dosent complement her at all.


  4. musak

    she looks awful. her wig is a cross between Lela James and Marsha from Floetry.


  5. Terry-Andre

    daaammnn her hair grew fast! Must be that DooGrow


  6. kiki loves left eye

    I prefer her with short hair but she looks okay.


  7. a

    That hair over powers her she looks a mess


  8. I hate love

    She don’t like
    Quite there yet


  9. MelyB

    The short ‘do showcased her beautiful face perfectly imho. If I was as pretty as her I would rock the short cut!


  10. Nait Phoenix

    Short or long, I love the way she looks.


  11. Joe

    Is that Wendy Williams?


  12. musak

    her face looks like Gizmo from “Gremlins” haha. I never noticed until now


  13. Phil4Real

    Looks like she just got F’d good and went st8 to the dinner. Happens to alot of women. Can’t fix it after it sweats out.


  14. Me

    phscho bob!


  15. Brittney

    She reminds me of a deer for some reason.


  16. Carolina

    I am loving your art jornual. You have great talent. And This Woman’s Work is one of my all-time favorite songs! I had no idea Maxwell covered it! Off to pull up iTunes.


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