New Music: Swizz Beatz f/ Eve – ‘Everyday (Coolin’)’


It’s showtime! Swizz Beatz reunites with his Ruff Ryders cohort Eve on “Everyday (Coolin’),” the first single from his upcoming album Haute Living. Swizzy balls out on the weekdays and cools off on the weekend, name checking designer labels including Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, and Givenchy over the wailing instrumental.

“Everyday, they ask how I’m feelin’/ You see the houses, playboy, I’m killin’,” he gloats, before Eve busts back with a loaded verse. “E-V-E I’m back on my bullshit, came back, came back, back with a full clip.”

Chill out to their fresh collaboration.

Swizz Beatz f/ Eve – “Everyday (Coolin’)”

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  2. Gabby



  3. BARBBz

    This song is hot! That beat is just ridiculous!! Nice to have Eve back in the game too.





  5. Troy LeMont

    More of the same trite garbage.


  6. ...

    We’re in a recession and you’re making songs about how awesome your mansion is and how you only wear designer clothes?

    Aside from that bit of ignance, it’s good to see Eve back on the scene. She’s awesomely talented and we need someone a little more lyrical out there. No shade to Nicki, but you’re not getting a fuller picture of the female emcee with one type of emcee doing well, y’know?


  7. SOO

    @…. Umm this is NOWHERE near lyrical.


  8. Blaze

    That was a cute lil spark now lets here some real EVE


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    umm….that beat is epic tho

    Eve part is too short


  10. Music

    I See you Swizz just got married and had a baby boy and getting back in the game. Eve need to go on with her bad self. I love the Queen of the North. Her and Trina best female rappers of their generation.


  11. shady

    nice beat but swizz, quit rapping!


  12. kiki loves left eye

    swizz’s production are always a bit hit and miss form myself i have to say this is a miss. love eve though she needs to be making her comeback aswell as missy sooner..


  13. melly mel

    y it sound like she got a cold? i love Eve and her part shoulda been a lil longer but whatever if this is the best im gonna get for now ill take it



    Eve shot a video to this and she’s on Jill Scott 1st single with a video already shot..Also the Alicia Keys song is on the rnb Billboard chart..and That Philly shit remix video coming uh oh EVE coming back hard..


  15. Da Murder Ma'

    Yeah .. Eve .. com back here !! we need you .. the song was crazy , the beat went hard !!


  16. femmefatale006

    Dear Swizz,
    this beat is hot, but uhmmm…your rhyme- not! Stick to producing music and leave the rapping to the pros…..just saying…on another note, welcome back E-V-E!!!!


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