Video: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Trey Songz & Rick Ross – ‘Your Love (Remix)’

Dawn, Kalenna, and Trey Songz

Diddy-Dirty Money invites viewers into their sexual playground in the seductive video for “Your Love (Remix)” featuring Trey Songz and Rick Ross. The hip-hop crew takes over a dimly lit warehouse in the Colin Tilley-directed clip, acting out their wildest fantasies while Dawn and Kalenna seduce the camera in their sexy garb and Trey goes shirtless.

Turns the lights down low and step into their underground world.

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  1. Yeah



  2. Hold Up!!



  3. tresha



  4. RoryRock

    …song would be so much better without Diddy.


  5. tessa

    dope but of course diddy had to ruin the song!!!!


  6. M.A

    Diddy should let somebody ghostwrite everything for him. I can’t believe that I can’t stand a single song with his presence! Anyway, nice video. I love TreyYuppzz.


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  8. Nait Phoenix

    So, since you’re doing a video for every song on your album, Diddy, can you please do “Strobe Lights” or “Shades” or “I Know”? You know, your BEST SONGS ON THE ALBUM!!??


    M Reply:

    @Nait Phoenix, Real talk ;)


  9. V



  10. DAMN!



  11. LOVE IT!

    Dawn and Trey Song, look good in the video.


    LOVE IT! Reply:

    @LOVE IT!, Error I meant the first message!


  12. GrossMeOut

    Dawn Lookin’Real Scrumptious!!!


  13. kayboy

    good video, nice song……. the concept is really good for the whole song…. my problem is y people keep hating on diddy, i think his part is also vital to the music, tessa, diddy did not ruin the song, i guess u got u have to listin to the song again. great song


  14. Mannnn

    Dawn is sexy!


  15. Bijan

    I like the song a lot, and the video is hot.

    I’m still gettin used to diddy’s new look tho…


  16. kim

    O MY GODDDDDDDDD this video is the SHITZNACKS!!!!


  17. 3lizab3th



  18. yitkeds

    this is the best song ive heard eva holla


  19. treehouses

    park equipment…

    [...] || Video: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Trey Songz & Rick Ross – ‘Your Love (Remix)’[...]…

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