Lil Wayne Gets Freaky with Shanell

Lil Wayne and Shanell

After getting treated to a lap dance from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne got some lovin’ from another one of Young Money’s leading ladies. Weezy and singer-songwriter Shanell steamed up the stage while performing “Lollipop” and “Prom Queen” on the “I Am Music II” tour stop’s second night at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum. The hip-hop martian rocked out wearing a Famous Stars and Straps T-shirt that read “Travis Mutha Fuckin’ Barker” in honor of his tourmate Travis Barker.

“It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of packs of gum backstage,” Shanell previously told Rap-Up TV about kissing Weezy onstage during their first tour.

See more pics of them rekindling the flame below.

Lil Wayne and Shanell Lil Wayne and Shanell

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  1. Misty Jean

    I haven’t been keeping up with Shanell…what music has this bull put out yet?


    Mr Xclusive Reply:

    @Misty Jean, a bull is an animal, are you dumb?


    melly mel Reply:

    @Misty Jean, damn that aint even right! shes making herself known ad presenting her own style.smh u wont be sayin nothin when u followin yo friends cus they got 1smh


  2. TRAC-E

    They used to kiss during AMW tour when they performed the “Prom Queen” Song… Never heard her any of her music.. There is wayyyy to many people in YM for everyone to be successful..


  3. Carlos

    Second picture : looks like she’s got a dick Oo


  4. Carlos

    third* picture


  5. BSM

    when is she actually gonna do something besides gringing on wayne. i know nicki did it 2 but i mean she worked to birth pink friday out 2. i’ve only seen 2 mixtapes from shanell one with only like 5 songs on and the other c- grade product. Imma need S to step her cookie up. Everyone is capable of being great. She aint gotta be nicki but do …Something


    ./././ Reply:

    @BSM,lol she is a song righter,song righter,s make crazy money,everyone over ymcmb is going there part it,s like a puzzle,nicki and drake is a song righter,s too but my be shannel is working on an album we never now and + Nicki and drake is like independent artist even though they are on the same label they are doing there own thing.


  6. @RawChoyce

    Shanell is so thick jus keep looking good thats all u need to do.


  7. brittany

    ooh shit i forgot this chick existed


  8. oso_jo_ro

    what happened to the single version of that cupid song that featured Nicki, her last mixtape was fine..
    she really have to work harder!


  9. Abdullah

    Sheeeeeet i luv dem both, rock on weezy
    Btw im 1st ;p


  10. Cookie

    She looks like a complete whore!


  11. Leon

    Did she examine him for herpes first?


  12. LaMont

    Hot damn she’s thick!


  13. JHP

    Minus the nose ring, I’d take Shanell over Nicki anyday. Because first of all, I’m sure her body’s real, and secondly, she knows how to dance way better then Nicki, and thirdly just seems like more of a freak. She do be whoring it up on Wayne all the time, and I’m absolutely sure he smashed her, but she bad though


  14. nadien

    who the hell she think she is bitch ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  15. jaffee

    hahaha sucks that drake smashed her lmao


  16. lenon

    u rap e world!!!!!


  17. madi

    i luv shanell and her songs it’s just she needs to make more songs like rly and needs to make more music vids (:


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