Review Roundup: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Rolling Papers’

Rolling Papers

Wiz Khalifa rolls out his Atlantic Records debut Rolling Papers to stores today featuring the No. 1 hit “Black and Yellow” and Stargate-produced follow-up “Roll Up,” plus appearances from Too $hort, Curren$y, and Chevy Woods. Did the weed-loving rapper spark a flame or burn out with critics? Find out below.

USA Today: After much anticipation, his major-label album arrives, and it turns out it’s only somewhat worth the wait. Khalifa is certainly likable enough with his laid-back flow and knack for catchy rhymes over melodic beats. But he is limited thematically, with almost every song extolling the virtue of weed, women and the good life. 2.5/4

Rolling Stone: [Khalifa] manages to give life to those kinds of cash-gorged perma-baked clichés by warmly luxuriating in the space between pop’s fresh-faced exuberance and hip-hop’s easy arrogance—between skater and playa, Bieber and Biggie. This is a guy who can effortlessly segue from the ominous G-funk whir of “On My Level” to the adorably crushed-out R&B crooning of “Roll Up.” 3/5

Entertainment Weekly: The Pittsburgher’s debut on Atlantic is lyrically limited to getting high, stealing chicks, and blowing cash. (Then again, what would you rap about if you were young and new to affluence?) Yet it burns with an underdog’s passion and a champion’s spite. B+

SPIN: “Black and Yellow” turned Wiz into a bonafide star, but this twerpy stoner’s first album since that megahit embraces the doggedly one-note approach of the numerous mixtapes that built his substantial following. 6/10

BBC: Apart from some of the tedious subject matter—being stoned, drinking, etc.—it’s the sort of rap that deserves mainstream attention as it’s musically thoughtful and endearing beyond the dancefloor. Bizarrely, though, it’s when Khalifa sets his sights on the pop world it begins to fall apart.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Black and Yellow,” “Roll Up,” “The Race,” “No Sleep”

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  1. BSM

    so basically they sayin Khalifia shoud stay in the Hiphop lane and change up his subject matter a little bit and he’ll be fine. Wow so nicki was accepted but wiz is rejected from the pop world. hopefull he’ll take note and come again. Try try again POP!


  2. nemesis

    go khalifa. fuck critics


  3. @RawChoyce

    Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Black and Yellow,” “Roll Up,” “The Race,” “No Sleep” <<<<< did yal even listen to the album those were the first songs to leak and besides The RACE their the worst songs on the tape


    Carlos Bonegro Reply:

    @@RawChoyce, i second exactly what you said


    Young_Tony Reply:

    @@RawChoyce, co-sign!!! cd was not tight. only stand out tracks are When I’m gone and Rooftops and Curren$y ripped that track!!


  4. @RawChoyce

    i’m just going to add the songs i like to Cabin Fever and call that his new album cuz he gave us some corporate cornball BS music.


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    Rap-up always picks the songs that are singles/leaked early and maybe one song that hasn’t been lol, I just don’t even question it anymore


  6. yeahyeah

    How can you NOT like “When I’m Gone” or “Wake Up.” Those two songs are amazing.


  7. DJ

    Even “mainstream” critics think he went too pop!


  8. rolling papers

    I love the album..i know all he may rap about is weed but thats what hez known for. I like the album cause i believe its different for a rapper


  9. garbageman

    better off re-releasing kush&oj

    did fuckin justin beiber co-produce all his shit?


  10. Mike

    Where are the reviews for Britney’s “Femme Fatale”? I don’t understand how this site will promote the hell out of Gaga but they won’t ever post anything about Brit? Let’s be honest, Britney’s music has always been more urban and is less contrived that everything that Gaga puts out.


    jayson Reply:

    @Mike, get the fuck over it. this post has nothing to do with britney. take your fanboy ass somewhere else.


  11. Yo

    One of the most disappointing albums I’ve heard in a long time!


    ayo_you Reply:

    @Yo, YES! it was so lame. the beats were sick! but of course wiz gotta try to sing a bunch of choruses.


  12. deserves less...

    I loved Kush and OJ but after that he slid down hill at 100 mph, weed talk in Kush and OJ was alright, now it’s just annoying, dude doesn’t know how to rap about anything without talking about weed in it. He’s just a simple rapper with simple rhymes now, he used to be cool, i saw a radio interview with him from 09, he seemed pretty humble, now he’s getting an undeserved ego. I can understand if he’s actually lyrical, but he’s not, he also went from turning down offers to tour with Drake, and signing with Ross’s Maybach Music to build his brand, to putting a skunk stripe in his head, wearing shit he never used to wear, and selling out left and right. He can’t even take criticism, Ghost said some things, maybe they were harsh, but in no way can he call Ghost “Corny” for saying what he said when what he said was true. At least Ghost can rap about more than one thing.


  13. powthis

    khaliiffaaaaaaa ma man !!! album is dope .. literally ;)


  14. toasty

    while i agree with what the critics are saying…that album is dank as hell…i dont care what nobody say…the beats are awesome and every track is pretty hot…he does talk about the same thing through the whole album…but to me…thats just playin it safe…its a great album to put on a ride to…perfect for the summer…and its very pop…but his flow makes up for it…the boy can rap…he just needs to expand his subject matter…to me…he is like a modern day snoop dogg…just like lady gaga is (‘trying’) to be the modern day madonna…


  15. bjb

    wiz singin 2 much mann he should have stayed with his usual producers instead of stargate he need more songs like mezmorized where he just rap
    rolling papers smh he basically said 4get my old fans


  16. Akkuschrauber

    Makita… || Review Roundup: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Rolling Papers’…

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