Skylar Grey Teases First Single: ‘It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Heard’

Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey is keeping her debut under wraps. While the mysterious singer-songwriter remains tight lipped on specific details surrounding her project, she did offer a hint of what’s to come.

The Grammy-nominated Grey, the secret weapon behind Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie,” Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor,” and T.I. and Christina Aguilera’s “Castle Walls,” is working with producer Alex Da Kid on her Wonderland Music/Interscope Records debut. The first single is expected within the next month.

“I can tell you that it sounds unlike anything you’ve probably ever heard,” she teased to AMP Radio’s Carson Daly about the track. “We stick to what works, but we also like to push the envelope, and Alex and I push each other creatively outside of our comfort zone ’cause we like to keep creating new sounds.”

Not much is known about Grey’s album, due later this year, except that it may have a hip-hop-influenced sound. “Possibly, nothing nailed down yet,” she said, adding, “Lots of really big exciting things happening, but I can’t talk about them yet because we’re being mysterious as always.”

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  1. Vadim Anatolov

    I love it when people fuck like that. It’s gonna a normal song. A song we’ve never heard before is something like Minaj’s Massive Attack.


    Arthur Reply:



  2. Jamie

    Love her! I can’t wait to hear it!


  3. mike

    i still dont get the buzz surrounding this chick… her voice is so WACK!!
    and child please, dont come up with that attitude cuz everybody knows your song gonna be as generic as anything else on the radio #TrueTalk


  4. could care less...

    i don’t care about Skylar Grey, i don’t think she’s that great. Actually i think her voice is pretty annoying, like in Words Never Said by Lupe and I Need a Doctor. On the other hand she looks pretty good in the pic


  5. oso_jo_ro

    yeah I like this chick!
    but it’s gonna sound generic let’s face it…
    and tbh, I’m not sure about her solo career.


  6. NAME

    eh whatever
    music nowadays isnt exciting anymore


  7. mistwalker

    it sounds unlike anything you’ve probably ever heard, o-0 ? really now gotta be an alien sound? look Skylar Grey, usher is saying the same thing beyonce is also i don’t hate u but don’t get 2 cocky yet until your album is out ok ? secondly i believe that punk alex da kid put you up to saying this he said i need a doctor was was going to be the biggest song in the last 10 years but wait! now u have dr dre scrambaling to find a buzzy worthy singile for detox smh next time less talk more action


  8. Lolsmileyface

    Love The Way You Lie Airplanes I Need a Doctor Coming Home Castle Walls Words I Never Said – Part II #basic


  9. jenniika

    I’m so excited! :D


  10. Nait Phoenix

    I never knew there were so many haters/liars saying that they’re not looking for this single, she’s not all that, and it’s going to sound like all the other songs she did. Yeah, it’s funny you guys say that and don’t expect much, then when the track comes out, you love it but are too proud to admit it and try to add more shade to someone you don’t even know. She’s already the next best thing, so until you realize it, watch her step all over your faves.


  11. Sefs

    why yall hating for.
    Skylar grey has been around for around 8 years
    her stage name use to be HOLLY BROOK
    type HOLLY BROOK in youtube, she has the most amazing songs.
    and her voice aint wack, its very unique and she can hit the most amazing notes


  12. hgdhi

    FUCK all of you haters..Sky is the shit..and just b/c she’s not running around looking like a fucking embryo (GaGa) or sounding/ dressing like cruela devil (Nicki) doesnt mean her music is going to suck..she is a true musician and doesnt have to be half naked to draw your attention towards her music..its quite obvious from this post that so many of you took the time to comment on her negatively which is only helping with her exposure..i hope to god ppl understand wat true music really is when this album comes out


  13. maya

    All the songs her & alex worked on sounds EXACTLY a like & I honestly find her voice annoying. Keep writing w| Christina Aaguilera though…


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