Fantasia to Bring ‘Collard Greens and Cornbread’ to ‘American Idol’


Fantasia is heading back to where it all started. The “American Idol” champ is scheduled to perform on Thursday night’s episode of the hit show. She will serve up the soulful “Collard Greens and Cornbread,” the new single from her third album Back to Me. The R&B songstress will share the stage with Jamie Foxx and, who will debut their collaboration “Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)” off the soundtrack to the animated film Rio. Tune in tomorrow evening for a super-sized helping of star power.

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  1. KJW22

    I’m beyond excited that ‘Tasia will be singing this song, or singing at all for that matter. Excellent. Best ‘Idol’ to date :)


  2. ras

    im so excited to she is the queen of american idol


  3. Yess

    So Happy She making this her next single. Love this song


  4. Rand0528

    Cant wait, excited to watch, Luv me some Tasia.
    Collard Greens and Cornbread, that southern soul music. I love it, I love it……….


  5. uknowumad

    I love me some Fantasia, I wish she was performing The Thrill Is Gone though. I like Collard Greens and Cornbread is cool, but she would definitely bring the house down withe the other track


  6. Kyle

    I remember when I originally saw this song listed on the tracklisting and I thought, “what the hell?” But after hearing it, I was blown away. It’s a great R&B/soul song and I’m glad she is releasing this as a single. This might get Fantasia her second Grammy!


  7. jrsells

    Kyle so you were one of the ones hating and being judgemental because the track title.. people were str8 sterotyping her because she was black and though singing about collard greens and cornbread was ghetto.. That just goes to show that we need to stop being so judgemental and start uplifting our ppl.. I’m not coming at you, just saying.. I said “we” not just u.. Fantasia is in fact the Queen of Idol! Period


  8. bk

    Elated. Fantasia is fabulous. Love Back to Me and she’s amazing in concert/on Broadway!
    My favorite Idol. Really excited that she’ll be exactly where she belongs — in front of 25 million people!


  9. kate

    she looks like an alien in this pic , anyway she’s a great singer


    zhamari Reply:

    @kate, well she isn’t an alien and she is a great singer too . i have to agree but she is never ever been horrible to anyone of us people ever even if you say bad thngs then you should just keep it in your head and don’t put it on the web please and thank you any comments at all then just don’t say then at all like i said please good bye:) OR :( i don’t care you can be sad or mad i don’t even really care o.k. so just deal about the fact that


  10. Bart

    Really? Why not chicken and waffles?


  11. JudyFrida

    Her performance was flawless. Fully soulful and she must have perfect pitch. Incredible dynamics. That voice is a gift to us all and we should be thanking the almighty that we have the privilege of hearing someone of that level live and in person. Only a handful can do what she does.


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