Rap-Up TV: Melanie Fiona Weighs In on Female Pop Music, Lady Gaga

Melanie Fiona invited Rap-Up TV onto her tour bus before her show at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre over the weekend. The R&B songbird, who is currently on the road with Marsha Ambrosius, shared details about her sophomore album The MF Life, for which she’s collaborated with Chuck Harmony, Jack Splash, Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, Salaam Remi, and more.

“I’ve pushed myself creatively to go in places, to become a little more vulnerable, to show a sexier side, to use my voice as a different instrument on this album,” explained Melanie.

The Grammy-nominated soulstress also provided her thoughts on the state of female pop/R&B music. “I feel like what is happening, in my opinion, is that everybody is trying to outdo everyone else in fashion, in racy lyrics, in your style,” she stated. “Just be yourself and people will appreciate your individuality more.”

Lady Gaga was one artist she singled out for her originality. “Someone who I really admire in this industry is Lady Gaga ’cause Lady Gaga has been Lady Gaga forever,” she added. “When you’re the real deal, you are who you are. What she’s based in is true classical training and real vocal ability and a performer.”

Look for the second part of our interview with Melanie where she discusses the guests on her album, growing up with fellow Canadian Drake, and which singers left her starstruck.

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    I love her so much i do somewhat argree with her about POP/R&B everyone is trying to over do it with the sex thing… because sex sell but i hope she stay true to who she is and that thing about Lady GaGA is a brunch of Crap Lady Gaga copy from the ladies of the past and try to change up(not really)


  2. VaunTV

    The hypocrisy of her saying she’s over trying to out-do everyone….and then she says she admires Lady Gaga…. GURL, WHAT? She’s THE MOST. LMAO. I love Melanie, but that was dumb.


  3. VaunTV

    I meant Gaga DOES the most.


  4. bnaa

    love it. very true. and honest praise of gaga – as if gaga’s not doin whats true to her. people always point the ‘she copied her’ finger in female pop. never with guys though, such a double standard. and yall can not leave gaga alone, even when melanie is telling the true facts.


  5. Rap*

    She stays dissing riri. I dont like thsi chick but never coming is good.

    And its funny, that everybody says gaga was like that forever but when u look at other footage, she never was that.
    And producers said, she changed for fame. next


  6. Lisa

    Love Melanie, but funny she would mention GaGa. GaGa hasn’t been herself since she hit it big. She’s not a real blonde, she dressed normal before, her music actually talked about real things then. She’s fake.


  7. dalastrealnicca

    I think some of ya’ll read to deep into what she was saying…. when she said “that’s always been Gaga,” she meant her mindset. Thats why she said take away all the costumes and wardrobe and she’s still a classical trained performer. But she was definitely throwing shots at Nicki Minaj, not Rhianna, Rhianna has found her lane(rocker/bad girl style).Rhianna developed her style over ever album into a bad/rockstar type chick. On the other hand, Nicki just popped up out the blue with this weird,playful, quirky style and you can tell its not authentic. Ex. “The Grammy’s” and the “AMA’s” you can tell she was under pressure having to compete with the Rhianna’s and Gaga’s, because both were #MAJOR FAILS!!!! When its authentic it fits you, it doesnt look forced, competitive, or gimmicky!!!!


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    I agree with melanie but I don’t think we will ever know exactly WHO she is talking about

    Yes it could be Nicki but Nicki has said herself that she has always been weird and blah blah blah, she was just afraid to show that side of herself because she didn’t know if people would like it(her mainstream songs could be questioned though)

    Rihanna hmmmm she do be having some racy lyrics…but then again she don’t write NONE of her own music lol


  9. incognegro

    @ dalastrealnicca, I agree completely!!!

    First off, I love Melanie Fiona for her creativity, maturity, and artistry. She is well-spoken, but more importantly she is self-assured in who she is, and that confidence comes across in her music.

    People are looking to start a fire, where a spark has not even ignited. I agree with Melanie’s statement about Lady Gaga, in the sense that contrary to popular belief, Lady Gaga is a beast. She’s been playing the piano by ear since she was young, she went to NYU’s school of music, and was enrolled in a program where only a select few were granted admission. She worked wih RedOne for years as a writer and a studio-singer, penning songs and singing the base-tracks for many of hit songs that we enjoyed at the time. She danced at a Burlesque show, where being eccentric and sexy are the name of the game…the point is, regardless of her willingness/unwillingness to say that she has been influenced by Grace Jones or Madonna, Lady Gaga is a legit act. The girl can sing, she can write – which cannot be said for a lot of other acts.

    A lot of people are getting upset, because you think that Melanie is taking shots at popular artists, which she is not. However, if you feel that she is, you have to question yourself why? Because your discomfort stems from you finding relevancy in that comment, in order for you to mention names when no names were given. I agree – it’s hard these days to differentiate one artist from the other, soundwise, clothing, hair, size…and I wish that the music industry rewarded individuality as opposed to marketability…either way, I love Melanie’s music, and I look forward to her album.


  10. Kyle

    Melanie Fiona is a true “artist.” She clearly doesn’t care about being a sex symbol or getting a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, I think she just wants people to focus on her music and I really admire that about her. Just watch and listen to the way she talks about her own music and it shows that she truly cares about what she gives her fans. I’ll always be a fan of this woman!!!!


  11. fi

    If she can take away all the costumes and wardrobe and she’s still a classical trained performer, then why the heck isn’t she doing it?
    i remember the most classic madonna performances …”bad girl” at SNL or “sooner or later” at the academy awards, her stage show for MTV when she did “Vogue” and the whole “Who’s that girl show” dancing and sweating mostly alone on a huuuuge stage for 2 hours…people said she sells only sex and has no real talent…but look at it now… and compare with the fanfare of Baby gaga…That was pure minimal freaking awesome entertainment
    Gaga is a fake. Everybody knows and has seen the youtube footage of her doing Meat Loaf style booooring rock before she got Gaga…Its in you, not on you my mum used to say!
    bring it on Gaga…Do a ballads album and take of the clowns make up and sing…wanna see if you have the balls to do THAT!!!!!!
    If I was to see a drag show, I would go to a cheap Tijuana gay bar where every single performer has a better sense of humour and costumes than Gaga…That shit has been done loooong time ago!


    aerkub Reply:

    shes not doing it because she feels comfortable now with being gaga
    go look up edge of glory on snl or for children in need or on her thanksgiving special
    gaga is a lot of things and one of those things is talented

    people can compare her to madonna but at the end of the day gaga will always have a better voice

    and you think madonna is original… and that shes not fake??? she started out as a dancer and branched out to singing – gaga however is a musician at heart
    she attended tisch school of performing arts which is a prestigious arts school

    i love both madonna and gaga but madonna stans need to stop bashing gaga
    theyre just threatened that madge has competition and if they werent threatened they would bash gaga or criticize her at every chance they get


  12. Joeie

    A mnitue saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!


  13. Ashley Patterson

    I’m going 2 sing her song 4am n put it on youtube n I hope she c it n like it.I so love her…….


  14. aerkub

    actually gaga has always been gaga i remember seeing her at an open mic with lady starlight in the lower side clubs in NY and they would wear bikinis with crazy fashion pieces and they would light compressed air and hairspray on fire

    so u guys dont know shit about gaga
    ever since she hit it big
    rihanna, katy, nicki have all started being weird

    and shes not saying gaga is original… shes saying gaga has always been eccentric – she would know she worked with redone and the interscope team when gaga was writing songs for artists and when she wasnt signed yet

    u guys are just haters because gaga is more talented than those u say shes copying

    theres no such thing as original – only interpretive creativity
    madonna didnt invent this shit she has been slammed with so many copyright infringement suits its not funny


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