Sneak Peek: Katy Perry f/ Kanye West – ‘E.T.’

Katy Perry

Get ready for abduction. Katy Perry gives us another advance look at her otherworldly video for “E.T.” featuring Kanye West. Yeezy does not appear in this particular clip, but you can see him when the full video lands tomorrow.

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  1. mike

    the wait is killing me!!!


  2. Yeah



    The Beast Reply:

    @Yeah, douchebag


  3. Dizzle

    Cnt Wait!!!





  5. meme

    Video kinda reminds me of born this way mixed with runaway. Nevertheless, this girl is killin it. 4 #1 singles from one album….unheard of in this day in age. Beyonce have so serious serious catchin up to do. Gaga, Rihanna, JLo, Britney and Katy are all ahead of her right now.


  6. Billionaire

    OMG I thought Rihanna, Britney Spears & Lady Gaga were the only Females slaying with the Videos, now here comes Katy Perry with another EPIC video to join the rest! Go Katy This video maybe the best in History!


  7. ./././

    this sh1t is going to be hot,i like.


  8. OllieOxon

    Oh my gosh this video is gonna be amazing


  9. sagb

    cant wait she looks weird though lol


  10. Manjeo22

    epic!!!!!!!! very nice katy


  11. brooknon

    Sorry that chick is a moron that used to be talented. I don’t count wailing as singing.


  12. Lmaooooo

    Okay Calling This Video The Best In History Is DEF Reaching I Think Katy Is Trying To Compete With Lady Gaga A Lil Too Much Bcuz Her Music Videos Use 2 Be Simple But She Knows Lady Gaga When It Comes To Creativity She Ain’t Seeing Lady Gaga Anytime Soon & Personally This Song Isnt Even That Good But Neverless I Like Katy Perry 2 Some Extent


  13. Sleazy

    How is this song numb 1? doesn the u.s have taste?


  14. fi

    who pays the people in the record companis to comment here and delete negative comments? Can I join your team? LOL


  15. huh

    i just noticed something, three people that were pissed off at Ye for the whole Tswift incident at the VMA’s are doing songs with him now; Raekwon, Snoop, and Katy. Katy told Ye, “Fuck You” on twitter, Raekwon said it was sucker move, and Snoop said Kanye needed a kick in the ass. Now everybody wants to work with him, Rae is still cool, could care less about snoop and katy(even though she’s sexy) though. Who’s next though, Pink? Kanye is the shit, can’t wait to hear what he’s been cooking up for Watch the Throne and the album that’s supposed to come out over the summer (even though it’ll most likely get pushed)


  16. Yeezy

    Which time he landing the full video? any info


  17. TRA

    I agree with Huh, I respect Katy Perry as a music artist, even though I don’t like her muisc, and she is sexy, but I don’t respect Katy Perry as a person because she is a hypocrite. After the VMA incident with Kanye West and Taylor Swift two years ago, Katy Perry got on twitter and said “Fuck You” towards Kanye West, and flat out disrespected Kanye West for an incident that had nothing to do with her, or her fan base. Now, Katy Perry gets Kanye West on the E.T. Remix song. This proves that music artists don’t always think before they speak because they can be full of shit. E.T. Remix wouldn’t be number one without Kanye’s help, because the song is downright terrible. Raekwon says Kanye made a sucker move two years ago, then Raekwon decides to join Kanye West on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Snoop Dogg says Kanye West deserved to kick his ass kicked two years ago, but Snoop Dogg does a song with Kanye West on his new album, which is terrible, and about to flop real bad. Some of these artists are hypocrites, which proves mainstream media and mainstream pop fans can be hypocrites too. Kanye West is a 14-time Grammy winner with 5 critical-acclaimed, platinum-selling albums. It doesn’t matter if Kanye West is a jerk, or a douchbag, as long as Kanye West continues to make great music, people will work with him. Pink can hate on Kanye all she want, but if she never listened to any of Kanye’s albums, then she is just another hater who is stupid. To be honest, Pink can kiss Kanye’s ass, cause Kanye has achieve way more than Pink, and most of these artists will ever achieve in a lifetime. Fuck mainstream, as long as Kanye puts out good music, that’s all that matters right now.


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