New Music: Jim Jones f/ Ashanti – ‘Changing the Locks’

Jim Jones and Ashanti

Jim Jones battles relationship drama on “Changing the Locks,” his collaboration with Ashanti off his fifth solo album Capo, dropping April 5. Fresh off of his arrest for driving with a suspended license, the Dipset member spends the time apologizing for disrespecting his girl, while the R&B songstress gets fed up with his reprehensible behavior.

“I used to give you every piece of me/ Until you f**ked around and lost that key/ I used to really love you (Now I think nothing of you)/ You ain’t gotta come back no more ’cause I’m gone,” warns a scorned Ashanti.

Lock into the new tune below.

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  1. Deak-in

    sounds shit, still gonna be buying Capo though.


  2. Devante

    I miss Ashanti!!!!! :(

    Every album she has put out has been hot, not one bad record, and she’s always stayed true to R&B. Come back Shani Shia.


  3. Brown Sugar



  4. jaye

    Fire can’t wait for her own material to come out!! Hope this isn’t the whole song. It’s kinda short.#TeamAshanti


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  6. Nelz

    This is fire . . . . I love Ashanti . . . . This song is too short tho


  7. Hmmm

    I love any song Ashanti’s featured on, she sounds sexy and hood on the record. Jim Jones is wack.


  8. nymo

    wow she killed it. too short tho.


  9. ms.berrys

    This shit is hot but i hope this isn’t the full song???? Ashanti killed it


  10. angel

    DOPE! Y so short tho? #cmonson


  11. char

    This is hot but where’s the rest of the song?


  12. Da Mudr Na'

    Ashanti .. babbii you need come back , bitches tripping out here swearing they know how to sing !!
    one complaint , where is the rest of the song Babbii


  13. rich331

    Ashanti sounds better than ever!!!!! I love It!!!!!


  14. Shay

    ASHANTEE!! Please come back to us!


  15. b4real



  16. @Alxanderdagreat

    Ashanti sounds great! if this is how her album is going to sound im with it


  17. sassy

    Wow. Really suprised by Ashanti on this track. She sounded great and her lyrics was hot and straight hood. I know she wrote her part too. The only thing I ever liked about her was the fact that she writes all her songs. But I actually liked her singing on this track Too. So that’s a plus


  18. Lia

    A MESS!!! LOL


  19. alicia's a homewrecka

    I feel the heat coming through


  20. Lola Blanco

    She chileeeee lol let me stop ashitty oops i mean ashanti put it down on the track, but jimmy isnt this your song sweetieee


  21. beautiful liar

    ashanti did good, but nobody checking for her. #justsaying she aint put nothing out but her stans still saying some shit on twitter lol @Lola I just realized this is jim jones song he was the intro only tho a damn shame


  22. Natalia

    I love it !!! :))


  23. Summerhighlite

    I luv ashanti. She’s so real. U can relate 2 her music.


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