New Music: Pharrell – ‘The Game Has Changed’


Pharrell gets back in the game on a newly leaked record. Rhyming over Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy instrumental “The Game Has Changed,” Skateboard P addresses his absence from hip-hop.

“I know I disappeared and popped up in Paris making chairs with a beard/ And those that loved me probably thought that it was weird/ While the haters was happy, they thought my destiny was cleared,” he raps.

Listen to the N.E.R.D. frontman dust himself off and get back up on the defiant tune.

[Miss Info via In Flex We Trust]

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  1. dankingkemp

    Awesome, Pharrell is Back in Town..)dk


  2. jjj

    Love it!


  3. Orlando

    Pharrell needs 2 come out with his own 2nd album ive been wait for yrs


    roro Reply:

    @Orlando, real talk
    that in my mind album was so underrated


  4. RAH RAH

    He ripped it!!


  5. aton88



  6. RaFeR

    Pharrell has potential to actually be a “hip hop” rapper…


  7. nerdywilliams

    damn i dont know about you ,but he picked a ill inst. to rap to ….im a fan since day one to the grave …i need that clones 2 and i want him to do some crazy rap beats for some new artist to show them new producers whats up!!!


  8. kiki loves left eye

    Pharell is just amazing. Neptunes have always made dope beats aswell consistency is key!!


    derrick Reply:

    @kiki loves left eye, the beat is from Daft Punk from the movie TRON. They didn’t make it.


  9. EL

    We need a new solo album! C’mon, c’mon.



    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ___________________/———


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