New Music: Bow Wow f/ Lil B – ‘Loaded Like a Full Clip’

Bow Wow

Bow Wow teams up with Lil B for “Loaded like a Full Clip,” which may be included on his upcoming Cash Money debut Underrated. The rock-ripped track touts a club-ready beat accented by popping percussion and an electric guitar riff, with each rapper spitting about their ample wallets.

“You know I’m stuntin’ in this motherf**ker/ Big chains on, icy in this motherf**ker/ Bank account, loaded like a full clip/ I ain’t the one, homie, miss me with the bullshit,” snarls Bow on the chorus.

Lock and load up the cut below.

Bow Wow f/ Lil B – “Loaded Like a Full Clip”

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  1. Yeah

    i dont get it


    Trac-e Reply:

    @Yeah, You don’t get it.. your always the first to comment


  2. no honey

    lil bow wow just STOP!!!! YOU CAN’T RAP YOU SUCKKKKKK


  3. kydnice

    Ya’ll can’t even front . . this shyt is hot . . who n tha cold hell mixed Lil B’s verses tho? Hellen Keller?


    Trac-e Reply:

    @kydnice, Dude is weird..


  4. umm



  5. no honey

    lil bow wow just stop rapping


  6. da1stMrCarey

    pretty much evry1 here is hatin lool. i kinda lyk it..


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  8. MC

    Lil B is TERRIBLE! Bow Wow is alright in the song…but Lil B is absolutely horrible. He needs to stop trying to rap. Don’t waste your time here…Check out Murphy Lee’s “Wine, Weed & Women” mixtape. Derrty Ent We All We Got, UCME I don’t care if you lookin’ or not!


  9. TonyTiger

    Lil’ b doesnt even sound right talking bout stacks. That ain’t him. Bow wow sounds like TI. And because TI is currently in jail, this might work for Bow wow. Hopely this isn’t going to be on bow wow’s album without being mixed properly.


    Brixonne Reply:

    @TonyTiger, Well he’s defenitely influenced by Tip because T.I used to write for him when he was younger.


  10. maya

    “I ain’t the one homie…” Bow Wow you’re like 5’2 #sit


  11. brittany

    Lil B seriously


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  13. @AMonsterBarb

    I kinda like it



    1ST OFF lil b is a rich bitch rich bitch OMG im rich rich bitch #SWAG #SWAG! he is getting rich as fuck right now so @TonyTiger cmon with that lilb cant talk about loot biz 2ND BOW WOW DOES SUCK. he is the worst. IM NOT HATING its clear…on that “freestyle” he dropped last week (like in red light, i dunno) his 2nd to last line was (i swear): ” yall still aint learnin?//shit my flo so hot i leave the microphone BURnin//.. ” STRAIGHT UP middle school flow and he led up to it like it was impactful or some deep metaphore. HE SUCKS. hes an actor. hes good at acting and i support that endeavor but it pains me to see him make those “tough guy” faces and muster up that tough guy swag when he is a toy only child of a groupie. BUT LIL B IS THE SHIT. “THANK YOU BASE GOD” IS WHAT BOWWIZZLE BETTER SAY AFTER HE LETS HIM IMPREGNATE HIS SIMMONS JUMPOFF SO HE CAN RAISE HIS CHILD


  15. $oupt!k



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