Video: Kanye West Headlines Lollapalooza Chile

Kanye West

Kanye West closed out Lollapalooza Chile on Sunday night with a bang. Wearing a red Balmain motorcycle jacket, red pants, and gold chains, the rap superstar took the stage on the second night of the music festival, performing hits that spanned his discography. International fans got up close with their idol as he delivered an adreneline-fueled set including “Through the Wire,” “Gold Digger,” “Run This Town,” and “Runaway” with special guest Pusha T.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in the house, catch some fan footage below.

“Gold Digger”

“Runaway” featuring Pusha T

“Flashing Lights”

“Run This Town”

“All of the Lights”

Photo credit: Francisco León

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  1. dankingkemp

    If You watch 1 of the Vid’s Watch “All of the Lights”, it shows how awesome Kanye is..)dk


  2. denika

    When is he gonna tour the US?! I need to see All of the Lights LIVE!!! That My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album is ridiculously good! Still bumpin it.


  3. maya

    I wanna gooooooooooooooooo :(


  4. jano



  5. Sebastian

    the show was amazing exactly what i expected,the next year lollapaloza should be even bigger.
    pusha t cameo was awesome,i kept my hands up the whole show lol.
    and you are welcome whenver you feel like coming again <3.


  6. Heminem


    I love it when he sings! All of the Lights


  7. Danielle

    Gold Digger!! The Crowd was going crazy!!!


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