Aubrey O’Day Signs Solo Deal, Readies Debut Single

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day is ready to fly solo. The former Danity Kane diva has inked a record deal and is prepping the release of her debut single.

After two successful albums with the female group, the blonde bombshell will release her solo effort on SRC/Universal Motown, home to Asher Roth and Melanie Fiona. She has recorded at least 50 songs, including the electro-charged lead single “Automatic,” produced by DK collaborator Adonis.

The star of Oxygen’s “All About Aubrey” explained that the club banger is a sign of the times. “‘Automatic’ is the right fit for where music is headed now,” she told Billboard. “It’s a pop-dance track, but I wanted to go in the club and write a song about not having to put on all the glamour and the glitz.”

With her reality show inviting fans inside her world, Aubrey revealed that her as-yet-untitled solo release will be in line with what her former group would have recorded. “You’re gonna see a lot of club, dance tracks. A lot of what Danity Kane would have put on a third album,” she previously told Rap-Up TV. “I really want to push the standards and stay true to who I am as a person.”

“Automatic” will hit iTunes on April 12, the day after her show wraps its first season.

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  1. vladica07

    She deserves it and Im really glad for her!:) Cant wait till the album drops :)


  2. sebastian14



  3. Jo

    OMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for her debut album. I can’t wait for Automatic to come out next week. I really hope she have a successful career as a solo artist cause she is very talented.


  4. listen

    i can’t believe this. is anyone even watching her show? priviledge!


  5. Mwah

    SRC should focus on shontelle more and invest more money she had a hit with a ballad but no Promotion they slpng on her! anyway cant wait 4 aubrey single wana see what she comes up with even though i wish it was shannon


  6. tamia

    this is so perfect. i cant wait til this comes out amd automatic is a perfect dance record #1!!!!


  7. she's sexy

    ….all i got to say about that.


  8. oso_jo_ro

    not sure about the song tho…
    and her image…
    dated….it’s all have been done..
    let’s see how the album is gonna sound like…


  9. maya

    song sounds boring & nothing special. She has a nice voice so I want to hear ballads, not another electro dance song -__-


  10. tiff_xoxo

    everyone buy her single april 12th and make it top 10 on itunes


  11. yeaahh

    wait i dont get it wasnt ‘automatic” leaked a long time ago? why is she releasing it as the first single???? i heard this track a million times already yeah i like it but its gettin boring she should release another song as the first single


  12. Stephan UK

    I watched the entire season and was upset with Aundrea dropping out of the show but i think its a blessing in disguise. As Aubrey said, having Aundrea there meant still clutching to the DK blanket and i think she needed to be alone. But with Aundrea not wanting anything to do with the music industry, a DK reunion looks less likely to happen than ever. But i think it proves that Aubrey wasn’t the reason why DK split. I adore her and can’t wait for her album (gotta say i hope her duet is on the album though; its HOT!) Stay strong Aubrey! Much love from the UK!


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