Nate Dogg’s Sons Pursue Rap Careers

Music runs in Nate Dogg’s family. The late G-Funk pioneer’s two sons are trying to launch their own hip-hop careers, with 15-year-old Naijiel and 18-year-old Lil Nate writing rhymes and planning to collaborate with their father’s West Coast peers including Game, DJ Quik, and “Uncle Snoop.”

While still mourning the loss of their pops, the teens explained why they’re going full steam ahead with their musical aspirations. “Like father, like son, you know?” Lil Nate told TMZ, reflecting on how he kept his rhyme skills under wraps from his dad. “I don’t think he heard none of my stuff. I don’t think he would have liked it. He didn’t like me cussin’ too much.”

Listen to Lil Nate spit some bars and explain why the brothers want to follow in their father’s footsteps.

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  1. Yeah

    nobody wants to be a doctor anymore smh
    everybody wants to be a rapper
    2012 that is all


  2. Phoenix_Wright

    um they remind me of the new boyz but good luck to them!

    -_- @yeah, just because it’s not publicized doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of ppl pursuing a position in the medical field.

    And they are an entertainer’s kids it is kind of expected


  3. bey forever

    good to know lets get some new faces am sick of the same faces in every f..kin song


  4. Devin

    how surprising—–NOT


  5. Music

    Lets hope they do real rap and none of dat pop ish so many other fake rappers do I really do hope they follow their fathers footsteps and get their rap carrers off the ground and bring back that real black music that 2010 did not seem to have


  6. Bianca

    sorry, but that was very basic. Considering the immense amount of talent that is currently coming out of Cali…they’d be forgotten before their first 106 appearance. They’re cute though ;)


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  8. Naijiel hale



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