New Music: Sade – ‘Still in Love With You’


Sade turns the lights down low on the acoustic ballad “Still in Love With You,” one of four never-before-heard tracks included on the group’s two-disc album The Ultimate Collection, due May 3. A cover of Thin Lizzy’s 1974 single, the smooth jam features the British songstress’ milky vocals over a breezy confection of acoustic and electric guitars, light percussion, and buttery bass lines. Get swept up in Sade’s soothing sounds.

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  1. Joseph McCoy

    I love it! THE TRUE QUEEN!


  2. Rib

    Sase, always distinctive!


  3. cb4

    Sade,she give the she give me the sweetest taboo,thats why i am in love with her lol,sade still doing her thing,the new song is hot.


  4. uknowumad

    Very nice, i love Sade


  5. 49ers160

    very beautiful voice. very beautiful song


  6. oso_jo_ro

    Love this woman


  7. snchzz

    Обажаю!Обажаю! Sade!


  8. jb

    Love the song she have voice like man when talked…. but still love voice ..


  9. Ray

    Sade voice is great on this song. The original song by Thin Lizzy is an awsome blues tune but Sade gives it a jazzy smooth sound.
    Too bad she didnt get Gary Moore to play the guitar on it. If more R&B artists visit Thin Lizzy songs, we will be enjoying more songs like this.


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