New Music: Bow Wow – ‘She Got It Goin”

Bow Wow

Bow Wow throws a bone to the ladies on “She Got It Goin’,” a potential cut from his Cash Money debut. Over a synth-splotched mid-tempo beat, the 24-year-old rapper showers his girl with lavish gifts, bragging about his bedroom game on the romantic tune. “Anything she want, she know daddy’ll get it/ Screamin’ out my name, every time I hit it,” he rhymes. Listen to him gush below.

Bow Wow – “She Got It Goin’”

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  1. no money

    boooooo his suck stop rapping lil bow wow


  2. Weeev

    bow wow is a beast been rapping his whole. nigga got skills!!!!


  3. Cash $

    Most underrated rapper of our time


    MC Reply:

    @Cash $, Naw, Nelly is definently the most underrated rapper of our time…maybe of all time.


  4. Yeah

    it’s iight


  5. musak

    LMAO at Nelly and Bow wow being the most underrated rappers of our time. Bow Wow barely writes his own rhymes.


  6. dnyc

    Bow Wow should Bow Out of the rap game, he should lose the name Bow Wow completely, and re-introduce himself to the world as Shad.

    Gotta say tho dude definatly is on his grind and wish him all the success in the world.

    He killed it on Entourage & Hurricane.


  7. Harris

    Big Shit


  8. Geeked

    Bow Wow could be a lot better than he is his flow is too good but his lyricism is nothing near special. Could be a great if he stepped it up


  9. anoymous

    Oh lawd midget strikes again. I be sooooooooo glad if he just BOW OUT…. Please BOW OUT and stick what is best ACTING…. at least you good at it.


  10. lashun



  11. ughreally

    Love it. I really like Bow Wow’s flow and admire that he’s been recording for like 11 years straight lol . A bunch of ‘child acts’ done came and gone.


  12. ms fame

    I know what this song is about…. ANGELA… ughhh It’s cool it’s cool as long as you happy, then i’m happy for ya…


  13. dankingkemp

    To Me, Bow Wow at his Best, was like Soulja Boy and Him or T.I. and Him, I think he’s Talent, but i still only get syked about his Collabs…. I’d put Money down for a Soulja Boy/Bow Wow album, but I wouldn’t Necesarrily pay for either Solo Effort,,, anyhoot, Super Talent..)dk


  14. Kadu

    what bout those glasses….those are killing….wanna kno wich brand are them…
    if anybody knows it…plz…let me know


  15. johnny john

    sounds like Drake wrote it and Ace Hood added the Ghost writing… nice track!


  16. amiee

    to mi bow~wow is my fan!! i love him <33


  17. yeni

    this is awful…. MAN UP this is so soppy…


  18. lilbowlover

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh him have a new new new music viedo and nooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tell me about it

    why i am lilbowlover


  19. Fan Ov A Fan

    i love bow wow but i love him even more as a actor


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